Read Our Stories of Learning at the Alice Smith School

Learn Something New Everyday: PE Teachers CPD

We ❤️Alice & Smith!

Dr. Frost is coming to visit!➕➗📐📏

Vote For Sophie - Our award winning young film maker!

Retrieval Practice - Making Learning Stick at Alice Smith

Camp Beaumont coming to JB this summer!

FOBISIA Virtual Run 🏃and Virtual Swim🏊

FOBISIA Short Story Competition: Results

Primary Weekly Highlights: Parents and Play Times Return to JB

Celebrating student success in the Bronze Medallion Lifesaving Award

75th Anniversary Celebrations- Luncheon, Gala Ball & More

FOBISIA Film Fest review 2022🎞️🎬

85% A*-A Grades for our EPQ Students

Sustainability at EP: What have we been up to?

Primary Weekly Highlights: World Book Day 2022

Firefighters, Samurai, Turtles and Bears #WBD2022

Celebrating our Diversity - South Africa

Celebrating our Diversity - The Netherlands

St George’s Day 2022

International World Book Day - It's here!

Yale University among the US offers for #KLASSof2022

How to choose an International School in Kuala Lumpur

What do the International School tiers mean?

Short Stories and Scholarships: a super week at the Secondary Campus!

Primary Weekly Highlights: A Term Full of Learning

FOBISIA Orchestral Project 2022 🎶

International World Book Day - 3 weeks to go!

Collins Big Cat Writing Competition 🦁✍️

🎼Young Musician of the Year 2022

FOBISIA Short Story Competition: Winning Stories (Primary School)

KLASS Torpedoes compete @ SEASAC virtual swim meet🏊

Celebrating our Diversity: Bangladesh

Secondary Weekly Highlights: STEM Week ‘22: Ready, aim, FIRE!🧑‍🔬🚀

Primary Weekly Highlights: Competition Time at JB!🚩🙌

International World Book Day - 4 weeks to go!

Celebrating our Diversity: Greece

AIMS Primary Science Competition 2022

FOBISIA Short Story Competition: Memories

Celebrating our Diversity: Pakistan

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Mindful versus Mind Full 🧐🧠📝

Primary Weekly Highlights: Term 2 Music 🎼🎶

Celebrating our Diversity: Ireland ☘️

The Theory of Happenstance

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Reaching Across Borders 🌎 - Tackling global issues through Model United Nations 🇺🇳

Primary Weekly Highlights: Learning About Forces in Year 6 🧲🧐

What is the PTA Committee?

Celebrating our Diversity! Wales

FOBISIA Online Student Film Festival 2022 🎞️🎥

Primary Weekly Highlights: Learning in MFL at JB

Conceptual Understanding in PE: KLASS Values with Y7

75th Anniversary Birthday Gifts Update

Distinction at Grade 8 Piano for Dheeraj🎹👏

Secondary Weekly Highlights: The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) - A unique academic experience 📚📝🧐

Primary Weekly Highlights:  PE & Swimming at JB ⛹🏻‍♀️🏊🏼‍♂️

Celebrating our Diversity! Japan 💮

Primary Weekly Highlights: Rocks, Fossils and Volcanoes 🪨🪵🌋

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Immerse-d in Education 📚🧑‍🏫

It's Sweetcorn day!🌽

Primary Weekly Highlights: Post Covid - Impact on Learning 📆

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Student Leadership 🎖

Student Virtual Work Experiences with InvestIn

Celebrating our Diversity - New Zealand Day

Getting to Know our New Head of School, Ms. Sian May

Thank-you for your kind donations🎁

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Insights into Internationalism  🌏 ✍️

Primary Weekly Highlights: Year 6 New Skill Presentation 🗣🎙

10 Surprising Facts about the Irish Medical Degree

Parent workshops Term 2 - Register now!

Celebrating our Diversity - Australia Day

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Daisy Pulls It Off - Golly gosh rehearsals are underway! 🎭👭🏑

Primary Weekly Highlights: Learning through Poetry 📖🎙

A Busy Term for Computer Science💻

Primary Weekly Highlights: Upcoming Academic Competitions 🥇🥈🥉

The Role of the Council of Governors

Asia Pacific International Arts Festival - Music Competition 2021

KLASS Students on Top of the World🌏!

2021 - What a year!🎉🥂🎆

Secondary Weekly Highlights: A Festive Finale 🎉🎄

Primary Weekly Highlights: Final Week of Term🥳

Lyrical Flute Legends Virtual Competition 2021

Planning your Future Pathways with Cialfo

Primary Weekly Highlights: Music Moments 🎶

Highlighting Diversity through the Humanities

AIMS English holiday competition

Personalised support for competitive STEM applications

Primary Weekly Highlights: The Highwayman

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Art and Mindfulness - A Teacher’s Journey

FOBISIA Virtual Dance and Gymnastics

Celebrating our diversity! Scotland

Primary Weekly Highlights: Learning through Block Play

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Health Awareness Week

Remembering Chee Qi Yan

Grief and loss: a guide for parents

Secondary Weekly Highlights: A Sustainable Future at EP 🌏💚

Primary Weekly Highlights: Planning by Backward Design

KLASS HE Team shortlisted for the #ISAwards2022

Hook with a Book: The Great Chocoplot

Primary Weekly Highlights: We are back! 🤩

KLASS Library Publishes Student EPQs

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Introducing...📣

AIMS Virtual Olympics Results

In memory of Wodayar Kumar

Primary Weekly Highlights: Launch of New and Exciting Units of Learning 📖

Secondary Weekly Highlights: KLASS Competes in Style and with Kindness!😎🎁

Celebrating our diversity! Austria!

Personalised support for SAT/ACT and LNAT

Secondary Weekly Highlights: A half term congratulations!👍

Primary Weekly Highlights: Drawing and Early Representation ✏️〰🖼

Celebrating our diversity! Spain!

🎉Congratulations, Year 11 Computer Science Whiz, Eugene!👏

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Conceptual Understanding in PE - KLASS Values

Primary Weekly Highlights: Our Teachers

Kode For Kindness Competition

Returning to School Safely

Competition Winners! 👏🏆

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Welcome to our KLASS Community!

Primary Weekly Highlights: Student Leadership

Celebrating our diversity! Nigeria & Hong Kong!

Personalised support for Oxford and Cambridge

Primary Weekly Highlights: Our Students Return!

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Leading Parent Partnerships

AIMS Virtual Olympics

Primary Weekly Highlights: International Dot Day

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Unveiling our EP Eco Code!

Celebrating our diversity! Chile

Celebrating our diversity! Malaysia

Primary Weekly Highlights: Our Students

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Rise and Shine!

Applying to... University in the Netherlands 🌷

Celebrating our diversity! Brazil

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Connecting and Reconnecting

Primary Weekly Highlights: Learning has begun at JB!

Celebrating our diversity! Vietnam

Applying to ... University in South Korea

End of Academic Year 2020 - 2021

Resilience Programme: Benefit Finding

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Keeping music alive!

Primary Weekly Highlights: Our Students

Resilience Programme: The Resilience Plan

Wi-Fi Upgrade and SSO - FAQs

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Spotlight on EPQ

Primary Weekly Highlights: Community

Thanking Our Unsung Heroes

AIMS Percussion Masterclass🎶

Resilience Programme: Best Possible Self

Primary Weekly Highlights: Turtles 🐢

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Rise and Shine!💪🌄

Resilience Programme

EYFS student wins AIMS Science competition👏

Secondary Weekly Highlights: A Dramatic Year 🎭

Primary Weekly Highlights: Music Matters!🎼📻🎶

Celebrating our diversity! Russia

Online Learning Safety and Online Social Activities

How do you become a Head Student?

Celebrating our diversity! Denmark

Primary Weekly Highlights: The Writing Revolution

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Care and Wellbeing

Virtual learning for Secondary Students: What, Why and How

20 things to do during the MCO!

Secondary Weekly Highlights: A Leadership Legacy of Excellence

Primary Weekly Highlights: Another Fantastic Hook!

Why should I pay for my child to play?

KLASS Mathematicians triumph!

Primary Weekly Highlights: Managing Change

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Our Amazing Students

Single Sign On is coming this summer!

Celebrating our diversity! Indonesia

What is careers guidance?

KLASS Journal - A Student Led Webpage

Primary Weekly Highlights: Service to the Community

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Wow! Is every day at EP like this?!

6 ways to help your child develop early reading skills

Alumni stories: Treating the Coronavirus in A Prison

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Behind the Easel

Primary Weekly Highlights: Our Curriculum

Celebrating our diversity! Freedom Day - South Africa

Secondary Weekly Highlights: World Book Day!

Primary Weekly Highlights: UNESCO World Book Day

UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day 2021

Parent workshops - register now!

How Will We Discover our Potential?

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award

Primary Weekly Highlights: Art and Music

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Hooray for ECAs!

Zoom Rhapsody

KLASS MEDS: Applying to Medical School

Fees Frozen for 2021-22 Academic Year

Webinar: Preparing students for a successful international future

Primary Weekly Highlights: ‘Spark’ Story Competition and Principal's message

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Year 8 Island Adventures and Easter

🎼Ivan and Soo Jeong are Our Young Musicians of the Year

InvestIn - Virtual Work Experience to enrich your university applications

Emily & India win the National Schools Geology Challenge 🎉👏

Six ways to help your child develop early maths skills

Secondary Weekly Highlight: STEM Week '21

Primary Weekly Highlight: Year 6 New Skill Presentations

Applying to... University in Ireland ☘️

Celebrating our Diversity: St. Patrick's Day ☘️

#BuildKindness: Product Showcase & Celebration Day

Cross-Curricular Learning in Action: The Hook

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