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The impact of School Closure and Covid on Learning

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Construction Play in Early Years

Careers and Skills for the 21st Century

KLASS MEDS: Do you want to be a Doctor?

Year 2 learning during the MCO

Applying to ... University in France

Australia Day Jan 26th

Applying to ... University in Japan

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Restlessness and Worry

Alumna Jun Yi awarded ISTD membership

Virtual Learning: Take Two

A Level music and more

Finding the right pathway: Higher education guidance in a non selective school

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The Difference Between Teaching at a Tier 1 versus a Lower Tier School

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Reaching Out to the Needy with Kechara Soup Kitchen

Learner Profile of Students in a Tier 1 International School

Parent Workshops and Learning Power

What Makes Alice Smith a Tier 1 School in Malaysia

Year 13 Results and Destinations 2020

What International School Tiers Mean for my Child

Rebecca takes 2nd place in Oxbridge Society Humanities Competition

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Grade Placement in an International School: How We Help Each Child Transition Between Key Stages in Their Learning

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Lauren signs for Aston Villa Football Academy

No Exams But Lots Of Learning

Football Mad Omar Lands a Movie Role!

FOBISIA Story Winners: Secondary

Being useless...

FOBISIA Story Winners: Years 5 and 6

How to Reduce the Stress of "Homeschooling"

FOBISIA Story Winners: Years 3 and 4

Play is essential

Animal Crossing Rugby Jerseys

The Hot Chocolate (or Milo) Method

A Look at Studying A Levels in Malaysia

What is the Pastoral Care Award

If we cannot make peace within...

Covid fatigue is taking a toll on us all...

The rollercoaster of life during the MCO

Photograph a Day Challenge

How Alice Smith Ensures a Quality British Education

Spinach is a Superfood!

Four Benefits of Having a Higher Education Programme

Awaken. Do not squander your life

Pastoral Care in our Secondary School

PE & Sport: How we're adapting our teaching during the MCO

How to Apply to A Levels in Malaysia

Why is it so hard to develop and sustain a contemplative practice?

Alumni stories: Meet The Wildlife Ranger

Using Learning Technology to Enhance Assessment

‘Praise the rain…’

Contemplation is the ancient technology of inner change

How to Create a Positive Virtual Learning Environment at Home

Ten contemplative tips and more resources!

King's Day - Netherlands

The art of bowing

What Makes Distance Learning in Primary School Excellent?

Do you have time...

St George’s Day

Innocence of mind

‘Our appointment with disappointment need not be miserable…’

Life of a Distance Learning Teacher in Kuala Lumpur

Don't delay - watch today!

Culture in Quarantine | Live Performances in your Living Room

“Community will be humanity’s salvation’

Easter Baking

“It is no sign of sanity to be well adjusted to a sick society"

“Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you”

"There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer"

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"Compassion is the keen awareness of the interdependence of all things"

Maintaining Social Connections during MCO

More about VL @ KLASS

The Unthought Known….

“Meditation is the self doing itself by itself”

A teacher can never tell where his influence stops

“The highest wisdom is kindness”

“The friend is the key and I am the lock”

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"In wilderness is the preservation of the world"

“One film can change a life forever.”

Virtual Learning is Keeping Learning On Track

“Go placidly amid the noise and haste"

“It is always the secure who are humble”

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”

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Our Les Misérables performance may be postponed but we'd still like to celebrate the student team behind it!

What makes an Alice Smith student truly exceptional?

So what is a 'Wider Learning Day'?

A Splendid residency!

Thinking of applying to Cambridge?

Women in STEAM

Music scholarships for Horn player Max

Where Does Your Tuition Fee Go? | Choosing an International School

Inspiring Must-Read Books for Expatriates

Fantastic results for our EPQ students

Learn to Think, Think to Learn

You're invited to dinner!

Foundation Stage: How Children Learn in a Play Based Environment

Eight ways to help your child revise

How to Raise Kids Who Are Global Citizens: Alice Smith School

National Holidays in Malaysia: History, Origin and Cultural Meaning

Mastery Learning

Letting Your Child Lose: Benefits of Natural Consequences

What is there to do in Kuala Lumpur with kids? | Alice Smith School

Simple Malay for Expats: Learning the Local Language in Kuala Lumpur

Three Ways to Deal with Expat Depression

Starting school confidently

Innovation in Art

Family Dinner Table Conversation - how’s it going?

Why Play is important

School sport and its significance for an international school education

Absolute Magic- Ross Welford Visiting Author

Enrichment Activities & ECAs

The Tempest is coming!

Not one but two! A Shakespeare Double Bill

British High Commissioner visits Alice Smith School

Be prepared to laugh, cry and be terrified at Macbeth

Selangor Princess Tengku Zatashah Visits Alice Smith Primary Campus

How to Choose an International School in Kuala Lumpur

What is the Extended Project Qualification or 'EPQ'?

STEM: Strategies that help students dream and innovate

Examinations and their Boards

A Masterclass in Stage Make Up!

The Green Thumb Project

'Protect' short story competition

Join our Eco-Community Day

Innovating The Next Generation

Learn2Master Languages

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Developing 21st Century Skills

Building Community Spirit by Helping Others

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2019 Alice Smith School Foundation Charity Dinner