Empowering Education through Innovation

Empowering Education through Innovation
"Sustainability" Secondary Weekly Highlights Exploration Pathways teamwork

Author: Harry Rodger, Head of Physics

Education is changing rapidly. Engaging students and supporting teachers is key. We're excited to introduce the Bufori EViE car project. It's a fresh approach that boosts curiosity, creativity, and future skills. The Alice Smith School is among the first in Malaysia to join. This programme will transform the learning experience for everyone.

The EViE programme, part of our after-school Exploration Pathway Activities is more than just education. It's a transformative project. It involves students from Years 10 to 13 in sustainable engineering, technology, and teamwork. The main activity is designing, building, and racing electric cars. This hands-on experience deepens their knowledge of electric vehicles. It also encourages sustainable engineering and builds teamwork skills.

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The EViE car project boosts students' knowledge in electric vehicles and sustainable engineering. They learn by making electric cars. This experience teaches them about sustainable transportation, renewable energy, and eco-friendly vehicle tech. They also begin to understand the impact of fossil fuel cars on the environment. Additionally, they explore new ideas for making the automotive industry more sustainable.

Students will build and test the EViE car together. This project will challenge them to think critically and communicate effectively. They'll also find solutions to real-world problems. They'll experience the joy of seeing their work come alive. Added to this, a fundamental characteristic of the Bufori programme is helping others. Students are required to partner with and support a charity of their choice

Students take part from start to finish in building the car. They engage in hands-on learning. This includes improving car aerodynamics, tuning motors, and refining racing strategies. These skills are valuable and directly apply to real-world automotive challenges.

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The EViE car project goes beyond regular classes. It offers students a hands-on educational experience. They learn about sustainability, innovation, and teamwork. The project merges topics like engineering, marketing, leadership, and strategy. This boosts their knowledge of electric vehicles and sustainable engineering. It also teaches them practical skills needed for the future. The project's goal is to make students leaders in building a better future. For teachers, the EViE programme will give them the chance to inspire and empower their students in new ways. It will foster a culture of learning and exploration that goes beyond the traditional curriculum.

Looking ahead, we are excited to witness the impact of the EViE programme. With the upcoming testing of the EViE car, we invite you to join us in embracing the mantra of "seeing is believing". Alice Smith students will be drivers, strategists and pit crew for the car they’ve built themselves; an incredible moment in their development...Watch this space!

The EViE programme's success and impact are thanks to our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). Their support and contributions are crucial. They provided funding for the EViE car kits, representing their strong dedication to enhancing our students' learning.

With the Bufori EViE car project, it’s a journey of discovery, empowerment, and innovation - the possibilities are limitless.

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