From Alice Smith to Medical School

From Alice Smith to Medical School
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Soo Jeong, currently a second-year medical student in King’s College London, spent two years as a Sixth Form student at Alice Smith School. She fondly recalls her time at Alice Smith as "nothing short of wonderful."

A rich environment, incredibly supportive teachers, and an extensive enrichment programme all contributed to shaping Soo Jeong in her academic journey and beyond.

Due to the pandemic, Soo Jeong started her studies with Alice Smith online, attending classes virtually from South Korea. She was thankful to the amazing teachers who made online learning engaging and even conducted practical demonstrations through video calls.

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When border restrictions eased up, Soo Jeong continued her learning face-to-face on campus. She was amazed by the luscious green campus and all the facilities the school had to offer. The fully equipped library with limitless resources was her favourite place to be. The well-equipped study spaces provided the perfect environment for diligent hours of study and encouraged her to be a more independent learner

Soo Jeong quickly adapted and was involved in a diverse range of extracurricular activities in school (ECAs), such as volleyball, Jazz band, and even KLASS Meds and Future Doctors. One of her proudest moments was receiving the Senior Young Musician of the Year Award in 2021. 

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I enjoyed the benefits of participating in many different extracurricular activities. I truly feel that the teachers who offer extracurricular activities are very passionate about their clubs, so anyone can find an activity that floats their boat. Being taught by passionate teachers instilled passion in the students to learn and grow under their teachers’ wings.

Soo Jeong’s passion for medicine was never a childhood dream. Her involvement with KLASS Meds as a senior prefect and the Future Doctors club helped her discover new interests for certain subjects. Wanting a more hands-on approach to everything, she was further convinced to pursue medicine with the guidance and support she received from her incredible teachers. 

The Higher Education (HE) team helped Soo Jeong choose suitable A-level subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Extended Project Qualification) and offered a realistic perspective of the medical profession in the UK. They provided invaluable support in managing deadlines, setting realistic expectations and navigating the application process. This comprehensive support allowed Soo Jeong to pursue her dream career confidently.

Additionally, taking the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) as an A-Level subject has also prepared her to develop further her research and writing skills which is essential in medical school. 

Soo Jeong strongly believes that Alice Smith School’s emphasis on critical thinking and questioning instilled confidence in her, a skill that now allows her to interact with lecturers and professors comfortably. Today, she is enjoying her experience in King’s College and can quickly adapt to a multicultural environment.

To gain further experience, Soo Jeong has volunteered at Mediviron KL and the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) in the UK. She has also worked as a part-time medical coder at Data Vitality UK, which provided her with a source of income and taught her how GP and hospital systems were interlinked. 

Advice for students 

Reflecting on her journey, Soo Jeong offers valuable advice to students pursuing a similar path:

  • Take Chances: Put yourself out there and start mingling with your peers or even lecturers. You will never know what opportunities it could lead to!
  • Pursue your passion: Passion will take you a long way. Everyone is unique in their own way and there are plenty of opportunities to self-explore.
  • Prepare well for UCAT: Those looking to pursue a medical degree be prepared in advance for this. 
  • Work on your time management and gain work experience: It will prepare you for the real-life situation. 
  • Maintain balance: Invest your time into other activities that enrich both your life and other people’s lives.

All in all, embrace the opportunities given at Alice Smith. Have a balance between academics and social life. Seize every day and give it your all!

Soo Jeong