How an International School Education Creates Global Citizens

How an International School Education Creates Global Citizens
Service Learning

It is widely argued that to become a successful leader in their future career, students must possess a strong sense of global awareness. Global citizens are those who look for ways they can help, work with others, and stand up and use their voice for the betterment of the world. Those who fight for universal equality and sustainability. 

At Alice Smith School, we strive to help our students become broad-minded, tolerant, and knowledgeable because all these things will contribute to being able to live harmoniously in a multicultural world.

International schools have their own unique culture

International schools are special; they bring together children and their families of all cultures, backgrounds, and experiences from all around the world into one place. They ensure a safe, nurturing environment where students can thrive. This helps to create a culture of belonging and in turn cultural awareness for everyone. 

This instinctively lends itself to the development of a global mindset. Loosely put, they help students develop skills and awareness of how to work together with individuals and groups that have different cultural codes or beliefs to their own.


Extending learning beyond the classroom

Exposing children to this type of education can begin as early as Key Stage 1 in international schools. As globalisation continues and the world grows more interconnected and subsequently “smaller”, students require a better cultural knowledge to study, work and live within a global context in the future. 


Thus, extending the classroom beyond the walls of school is a good way to achieve this – turning it into a global classroom, in more ways than just one. Many international schools offer opportunities to their students as part of their learning, such as service-learning or volunteering trips, exchange programmes, and cultural, sports and academic trips.

 At Alice Smith we focus on helping develop our students socially, emotionally as well as academically. We offer extracurricular learning opportunities outside the classroom that shape our student’s life skills such as motivation, confidence, perseverance, resilience and independence. We encourage creative pursuits as well as volunteer work with our local community, and beyond.

We feel this helps students see the world beyond the walls of their classroom and develop an awareness of the world outside their own frame of reference. KLASSBlog-learningforlife5-1

Exposing students to different perspectives

International school students offer more opportunities than ever to broaden children’s minds. They give them knowledge and understanding of international perspectives, to help them integrate into a multicultural world. An international school education can give them a deeper understanding of international perspectives and an appreciation for the fact that things are done differently all over the world.

Global classrooms seek to expose students to the perspectives and lives of others, enable students to engage in real-world problem solving and build direct and mutual partnerships to address a shared purpose. Students can share ideas, collaborate on projects and develop communication skills with their peers.

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