Adventure Awaits: Our Epic Trips Week!

Adventure Awaits: Our Epic Trips Week!
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Get ready for a whirlwind adventure because Secondary trips week is almost here! We've got a diverse range of exciting adventures planned with our students. Whether exploring rainforests in Malaysia or scaling cliffs in Thailand, there's a trip for everyone designed to create unforgettable memories and equip our students with valuable skills for life.

Here's a sneak peek at the incredible destinations we'll be exploring, along with the amazing benefits for students:

Year Group Adventures:

  • Year 7 - Gopeng: Unleash your inner explorer! This trip isn't just about fun (although there's plenty of that!). Students will develop teamwork skills, learn about cave formations and ecosystems, and gain a deeper appreciation for the natural world.
  • Year 8 - Juara Beach, Tioman Island: Paradise awaits! But beyond the relaxation, you'll discover the importance of marine conservation, observe diverse wildlife, and learn about responsible tourism practices.
  • Year 9 - Merapoh: Get ready for an adrenaline rush! This adventure will test your physical limits, build confidence, and teach you valuable survival skills in a thrilling jungle environment.

  • Year 10 - Cherating: Prepare for a tropical beach adventure! Get involved in marine conservation and community engagement with locals. Experience a host of water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding.
  • Year 11 - 13 - Perak Adventure - Lumut & Gopeng: Calling all nature enthusiasts! This trip will strengthen teamwork skills, challenge students physically, and deepen their understanding of Malaysia's diverse ecosystems.

Our Specialist Trips, designed to challenge and inspire:

  • Film, English & Media - London: Dive into the heart of English culture! This trip is perfect for honing language skills, seeing the city as a film and TV destination and gaining exposure to world-class museums and historical sites, sparking inspiration for future study and career paths.53023970680_4b640cbcd7_o
  • Diving - Perhentian Islands: Dive deep into the wonders of the underwater world! This trip will focus on gaining PADI accreditation. Students take their diving to the next level; completing one of Open Water, Advanced Open Water or Rescue Diver certifications.
  • Sailing - Phuket, Thailand: Setting sail on a thrilling adventure! Gain an internationally recognised accreditation in sailing while developing teamwork and problem-solving abilities. Discover the beauty of self-reliance while exploring hidden coves.
  • Rock Climbing - Krabi, Thailand: Push your limits and conquer new heights! This trip will build confidence, mental focus, and physical strength while nurturing and advancing our students' rock climbing skills and valuable safety practices in a breathtaking setting.
  • STEM - Germany and Switzerland: Unleash your inner innovator! This trip will expose students to cutting-edge technology at research facilities in the field of space exploration, developing their understanding of the universe, broadening their scientific horizons, and inspiring them to pursue a STEM career.
  • Community Engagement - Nepal: Embark on a life-changing journey! This trip develops cultural sensitivity, teaches valuable communication skills, and provides a platform to generate a positive impact for a community, all while building resilience and fitness by walking some of the most famous and beautiful Himalayan trails.


  • Eco-Surfing Trip - Bali, Indonesia: Catch waves for a cause! Develop your surfing skills and learn how to catch and ride waves, understand eco-friendly surfing practices, gain valuable ocean knowledge, and develop a deeper appreciation for sustainable travel.
  • Mandarin - Sichuan Province, China: Immerse yourself in Mandarin language and culture! This trip will boost Mandarin fluency, broaden our students' understanding of Chinese history and traditions, and equip them with valuable communication skills for the global world.
  • Languages trip to Spain: Live the language! This trip is an immersion into Spanish culture, allowing students to practice language skills in real-life situations, gain confidence in speaking, and develop a deeper appreciation for the Spanish way of life.

Stay tuned for exciting travel content on our socials and check your email for the link to the Google Site for trip updates and photos!