Trips and Residentials: Unforgettable Experiences for Our Primary Students

Trips and Residentials: Unforgettable Experiences for Our Primary Students
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At Alice Smith School, learning extends far beyond the classroom walls. That's why we offer an exciting trip programme for our primary students, designed to foster personal growth, independence, and collaboration.

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Year 6: Paradise Valley

Our Year 6 students embark on a thrilling adventure to Paradise Valley. This trip culminates their primary school journey, allowing them to challenge themselves and create lasting memories with their peers as they prepare for Year 7.

Students engage in various activities that push them out of their comfort zones. From kayaking and raft building to hiking and even a Masterchef cooking challenge, these experiences help them develop resilience, teamwork and a sense of accomplishment. The stunning natural surroundings of Paradise Valley provide the perfect backdrop for these unforgettable moments.

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Year 5: Paradise Valley 

Year 5 students take a slightly shorter but no less exciting trip to Paradise Valley. During their trip, they participate in various activities designed to foster their independence and social skills.

Teamwork is at the heart of this trip, as students collaborate on challenges such as archery, camp craft and survival skills.. These activities not only build their problem-solving abilities but also strengthen the bonds between classmates. The sense of achievement they feel when overcoming obstacles together is remarkable.

Year 4: Port Dickson

For our Year 4 students, the residential trip to Port Dickson marks a significant milestone in their primary school journey. While some may feel a little nervous about their first overnight stay away from home, the excitement and anticipation soon take over.

In Port Dickson, students engage in a range of activities that encourage them to step out of their comfort zones and try new things. From exploring orienteering and team building to flying kites on the beach,, these experiences help them develop confidence and a sense of adventure.

Year 3: Sleepover 

For our Year 3 students, the residential experience takes on a more familiar setting – their own school! These young learners have the opportunity to enjoy a night in school, engaging in a variety of activities that foster their independence and social skills.

During the sleepover, students participate in games on the field and in the gym and art activities. They enjoy dinner and breakfast together while sleeping in the comfort of the school gymnasium. For many, this is their first night away from home, providing a safe and supportive environment to develop their self-reliance.

Our dedicated and experienced staff are on hand throughout the sleepover to ensure the students' safety and wellbeing. 

The Benefits of Trips and Residentials

While our students may return from these trips a little tired, the benefits they gain are immeasurable. The independence they develop during these overnight stays helps them grow as individuals, preparing them for the challenges that lie ahead.

The collaboration opportunities during the activities foster strong friendships and a sense of community within the class. Students show great courage, learn to work together, communicate effectively, and support one another, skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Our trips and residential activities are supported by our wonderful staff, who create a nurturing atmosphere, guide the children through the activities, and provide a reassuring presence during these exciting milestones. The school's commitment to our students' wellbeing is evident in the staff's dedication to supporting our young learners. We are very grateful for the time given to these extended activities by all our teachers and professional support staff.

Most importantly, these residential trips create unforgettable memories that our students will cherish for years to come. The growth they experience, personally, socially and academically, is a testament to the value of learning beyond the classroom.

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