Connecting our Community: Our new supporters merchandise is arriving!

Connecting our Community: Our new supporters merchandise is arriving!
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In today's dynamic educational landscape, Supporter Merchandise plays a crucial role in fostering school spirit, unity, and community engagement. From trendy apparel to accessories, these products serve as powerful tools for students and parents to showcase their spirit and support for the school. Additionally, students and parents supporters can proudly wear these items to school events, sporting competitions, and other extracurricular activities, further strengthening the bond between the school and KLASS community.

Behind the scenes, crafting KLASS Supporter Merchandise is an intricate process, meticulously tailored to meet the expectations of the KLASS community. Let's delve into the steps involved in the creation of these spirited items.

Merchandise Survey with KLASS Parents-1Collaborative Brainstorming with KLASS PTA Members: The process begins with a meeting of minds. The first step was to gather the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) members for a brainstorming session. This allowed KLASS parents to share their concepts and ideas for the Supporter Merchandise.

Gauging Preferences Through an Online Survey: Transitioning from brainstorming to action, an online survey is conducted, reaching out to KLASS parents for their preferences. This survey helped gather valuable insights into the types of merchandise that would resonate with the parent community, ensuring that the final products were well-received.

Collaboration Beyond Boundaries: Several KLASS parents shared their ideas in a survey, proposing to gather inspiration from ISKL's 'Panther Hut' merchandise. Acting upon these suggestions, a meeting was arranged between members of KLASS PTA and ISKL PTA and the staff. This teamwork led to the exchange of ideas catered to parents, and ISKL's input proved particularly valuable, greatly improving the process of creating merchandise.

The Evolution of Design and Logo: From ideas to visuals, another round of brainstorming sessions was conducted with PTA members to discuss and finalise the design elements. These sessions were crucial in creating a visually appealing and representative design that resonated with the KLASS community.

Merchandise Survey with Y12 student (2)-1Fine-Tuning Through One-on-One Surveys: Before proceeding with the production of the merchandise, a final One-on-one Survey was conducted with the KLASS community, including parents, staff and students. This survey aimed to gather feedback on the most preferred types, materials/designs, and suitable price range for the merchandise. This information ensured that the final merchandise selection meets the expectations and needs of the community.

Bringing Designs to Life with a Professional Touch: With valuable input from the PTA members and the KLASS community, our school designer brought the merchandise designs to life. Our school designer used their expertise to refine the concepts and create visually appealing designs that aligned with the school's vision and brand.

T4C5Creating the KLASS Supporter Merchandise was a true team effort that brought everyone together in a fantastic way. We held meetings, had discussions, and reached out to a diverse group of people for their input. PTA members and the KLASS Community played a huge role, ensuring that the final merchandise perfectly reflected the desires and preferences of the school community. Through this collaborative process also, the school strengthened the bond between students, parents, teachers, and staff.

So, be on the lookout for the exciting new KLASS Supporter Merchandise at the EP campus uniform shop. Get ready to showcase your KLASS pride and support like never before. It's time to rock the new gear and make a statement that resonates far beyond the school walls!