Personalised Support for Competitive STEM Applications

Personalised support for competitive STEM applications
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At Alice Smith School, our students go on to pursue a variety of courses in higher education. Our extensive Higher Education provision supports every student in their pursuits, from Law to Humanities and from Art to STEM. 

Applications to competitive STEM courses such as Maths, Economics, Science, Computer Science, and Engineering typically require skills and knowledge beyond the A Level curriculum. Many universities that require an entrance examination in these subjects typically place some degree of emphasis on mathematical aptitude.KLASSBlog-7-reasons-to-attend-16

To help our students in making a competitive application to these competitive STEM courses, we have engaged an external provider, Stuart Cork, in an additional Maths Entrance Exam Preparation program, during Term 3 of Year 12. Students can also contact him for additional private tuition in their own time if needed.

Stuart Cork graduated with a Degree in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. He went on to teach Mathematics and Computer Science for 8 years at a top London private school that has a strong record with Oxbridge, consistently gaining 10-20 offers each year. Stuart was a key figure in supporting the learning of the maths skills required for successful Oxbridge applications. 

Throughout this additional course, students participate in weekly sessions with Stuart and will be given guided practice and curated questions based on both interviews and entrance exam requirements for each student. They will be given independent study assignments to work through and are able to ask for guidance and support as and when required.

Stuart’s online support provides a unique opportunity for students to access study material, examination questions, and solutions at any time. Stuart responds to students’ questions and needs throughout the course period, quickly and personally to permit the student to make improvements at their own pace, while also pushing them to achieve for themselves.

Copy of ZhiYan _Andrew Howard_19082020_4“Mr. Cork provided me with challenging questions to work through; these were harder than the NSAA questions. This helped me familiarise myself with the level of difficulty of the exam, as well as prepare me with the necessary understanding of the thought process needed to do well in the exam. He was available for me to ask any questions at any time during our lessons.”

Lee Zhi Yan, KLASS of 2020

Zhi Yan, one of our KLASS of 2020 who benefitted from Stuart’s provision, went on to study Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge. Others go on to study courses like Engineering, Maths, and Computer Science at top universities like Imperial College London, UCL, the University of Manchester, and the University of Tokyo.

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