Celebrating our diversity! Indonesia

Celebrating our diversity! Indonesia
National Days

Continuing with the celebration of our diverse and international community, on 1st June we celebrate the birthday of Pancasila, the state ideology of Indonesia. The ideology was introduced during a speech by Indonesia’s founding father and first president Sukarno on 1st June 1945, prior to Indonesia gaining its independence.

Pancasila is the official, foundational philosophical theory of the Indonesian state. It is made up of 5 inseparable and interrelated principles.
  • A Divinity that is an ultimate unity.
  • A just and civilised humanity.
  • The national unity of Indonesia.
  • Democracy predicted on the inherent wisdom of unanimity arising from deliberation among popular representatives and
  • Social justice for all Indonesian people
The first observation of the holiday wasn’t until 1st June 2017. 

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Fun Facts

  • The Republic of Indonesia sits between the Indian and Pacific Oceans and consists of 17,504 islands including Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Bali and New Guinea.
  • Indonesia is home to over 100 endangered animals, to name but a few:
    Indonesian animals
  • Indonesia only makes up 1% of the Earth’s land area, but its rainforests are home to 10% of the world’s known plant species, 12% of mammal species and 17% of all known bird species.
  • Indonesia has the world’s biggest ‘young’ population. 165 million people are under 30 years old, compared to 8% of the population being older than 60.
  • Rafflesia Arnoldii or ‘corpse lily’Indonesia is home to the Rafflesia Arnoldii or ‘corpse lily’ due to the foul odour upon blooming.
    This is also the largest flower in the world and can grow to be up to 3 feet wide and can weigh 10kg!
  • Indonesia:
    - is home to over 700 different languages and dialects
    - has a total population of 242 million
    - has the largest muslim majority nation in the world
  • The Pacific Ring of FireThe Pacific Ring of Fire is the world’s largest earthquake belt, with fault lines running from Chile to Japan and SouthEast Asia. Indonesia sits between the most active seismic area on earth, the hottest spot in the Ring of Fire.


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