Celebrating our Diversity: Bangladesh

Celebrating our Diversity: Bangladesh
National Days

Our final national day celebration this term commemorates the Independence Day of Bangladesh. Independence Day of Bangladesh celebrates the country’s declaration of independence from Pakistan in the early hours of March 26th 1971.

During the partition of India on 14th August 1947, Pakistan gained independence from Britain and became separated from India. The area now known as Bangladesh was referred to as East Bengal and then East Pakistan.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared independence of East Pakistan from West Pakistan and this led to a 9 month long liberation war. The Bangladesh War of Independence came to an end on December 16th 1971, but 26th March is recognised as the date of actual independence.

The day is celebrated with parades, speeches, fairs, ceremonial events and a 31 gun salute.

Did you know?

Flag of BangladeshThe disc is slightly offset to one side, so when it is raised, it looks central. The red disc represents the sun rising over the country, and its red colour is intended to represent the blood that the people of Bangladesh shed during their war of independence. It can also represent both energy and unity. The green field represents the land's natural bounty.

The flag was officially adopted on 17th January 1972.

Fun Facts

  1. Dhaka is the most densely populated city on Earth, with an estimated 44,500 people / square kilometre !!
  2. In the centre of Old Dhaka is Shankhani Bazaar, a 200m long lane which has 10,000 residents. This is more people along a 200m stretch than typically live in a whole village in the west.
    Shankhani Bazaar 
  3. Bangladesh has the longest female leader in office in the world.
  4. ​​Bangladesh has the world's 2nd lowest obesity rates in the world. Partly due to 65% of the population living in rural areas leading an agricultural based lifestyle.
  5. Cox’s Bazar is a beach in the Bay of Bengal - it is the longest beach in Asia at 120 Km long.
    Cox's Bazar
  6. The national animal of Bangladesh is the Royal Bengal Tiger which lives in the mangroves.
    Bengal Tiger
To help celebrate the Independence Day of Bangladesh, our Delischool chefs will be cooking up some traditional Bangladeshi food:

Chef Rizzal at JB will be preparing:
  • Kala Bhuna (beef), Biryani Rice and Cucumber Raita
  • Paratha with Lentil Curry
  • Bangladesh Grilled Chicken,Naan & Salad
Chef Asrul at EP will be preparing:
  • Kata Moshlar Mangsho with Steamed Rice and Fried Lady Finger Curry
  • Yogurt & Cilantro Marinated Grilled Chicken Roll with Potato Bhaji and Raita
  • Tomato Begun with Vegetable Pulao and Poppadom