House Day Fun Day: Fostering Community Spirit

House Day Fun Day: Fostering Community Spirit
House Day Community teamwork

The highly anticipated House Day has returned! On the 11th of June, our House Teams - Muir, Fleming, Scott, and Fairfield - engaged in thrilling competitions across both our Primary and Secondary Campuses, making this year's event truly one-of-a-kind. 

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We started our House Day at the Secondary Campus with engaging team-building activities. This allowed our students to bond and foster a sense of community and saw our dedicated staff actively participating and even leading their own sessions, further enhancing the spirit of the event. 

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From thought-provoking debates to high-energy football matches, our House Day had something for everyone. This year, we introduced exciting new activities to our programme - the Escape Room and Mouse Trap challenge. These innovative additions provided our students with a fresh and thrilling experience, showcasing their skills and interests in a new light.

The Business and Economics students knew how to beat the heat! Their smoothie sales were a hit on campus, providing a refreshing treat for everyone during the hot weather. Our House Prefects exceeded all expectations with their exceptional management and control of every activity, guaranteeing the success of all events. Their outstanding leadership skills were on full display, and we couldn't be prouder.

We were thrilled to have the chance to connect with some incredible clothing line businesses at our KLASS Fashion Show! Not only do they design stunning apparel, but they also prioritise ethical practices in their production. It's inspiring to see companies that are committed to making a positive impact in the fashion industry. Companies such as FRANKITAS, Kloth and FERN, all local Malaysian brands, were able to share how they are making a difference in the fashion industry. Our students learnt so much through their talks and could even design and develop stunning pieces of clothing using sustainable materials.

The Day ended with a massive House Parade and Cheer-Off, with students eagerly waiting to find out which House scored the most points! Huge congratulations to Scott for taking home the win! 🏆 Now, the anticipation builds as we eagerly wait to see which House will come out on top overall for this academic year. Any guesses? 

We were so proud to meet our four new Head Students. They were spot on as they each represented their own House trying to build a tower made of cups, but that's not the only challenge - they had to do this blindfolded! Congratulations to Monique from Muir for creating the tallest tower! 

This year at the Primary Campus, we introduced House Day, and the little ones had an absolute blast! From creating striking signs to showing off their dance moves, it was a day filled with fun and excitement. The energy and enthusiasm were contagious! 

We hope to see more fun House Day activities in the next academic year. 

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