Social and Emotional Development in the First Five Years

Social and Emotional Development in the First Five Years
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In the first five years, a child’s brain develops rapidly from a quarter size of an adult brain at birth to around 80% of an adult brain by the age of 3, and then almost 90% of an adult brain by the age of 5. Brain connections start to develop from birth through their experience and interactions and by using their senses to learn about the world around them.

Despite the fact that every child develops in their own way as some walk and talk faster than others, the first few years is the most vital time for a child’s brain connections to develop in order for them to grow up to be capable and well rounded individuals. 

The first five years is also when they have the capacity to learn social and emotional skills, and start to develop their own personality and discover who they are. They start to build relationships with others and identify what emotions they are feeling and how they should interact with others. 

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It is important that they are exposed to an environment that can stimulate their social and emotional management abilities in order for them to learn to recognise emotions in others and express and manage their own emotions. One such way of exposing them is by joining a parent-accompanied educational and support programme like Tiny Explorers at Alice Smith School. 

Through programmes that involve parents and their children, a child can learn from interacting with other children and also watch and learn from their parents interacting with other parents, in a safe environment. 

Children learn to quickly pick up social cues like which behaviours create positive reactions from other children and adults, and what happens when they share, take turns and put away toys. They also develop their verbal and cognitive skills by interacting with parents, caregivers and educators. 

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Early education professionals and preschool classroom environments support social and emotional development to ensure that even the youngest learners will become ready for school in the future. Children also get the opportunity to learn in group routines that they may not be exposed to at home. They gain self confidence and courage by indulging in new activities and building friendships.

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