Guiding Your Explorer: Navigate the A-Level Jungle Together!

Guiding Your Explorer: Navigate the A-Level Jungle Together!

As your child embarks on Year 11, a crucial milestone approaches: choosing A-Level subjects. This decision can feel daunting, both for them and for you as a parent. But fear not! Your school is here to support you both with two informative events and some helpful advice.

Know Your Navigator: Your child is the explorer in this journey. Encourage them to reflect on their strengths and interests. Are they analytical or creative? Drawn to logic or language? Understanding their natural inclinations will guide them towards subjects they'll find engaging and potentially excel in.

Chart the Course: As parents, you can be their mapmakers. Encourage them to research A-Level subject options. Help them find syllabuses, talk to teachers and alumni, and explore online resources. This understanding of the content and workload will equip them to make informed choices.

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Join the Expedition: Your school hosts two key events to aid your child's exploration:

  1. Options Expo: This event provides a broad overview of the A-Level subjects offered. Encourage your child to attend, meet subject teachers, chat with current students, and ask questions. This will help them narrow down their interests and identify potential options.
  2. A-Level Exploration: This immersive experience allows your child to "test drive" four taster lessons in subjects that pique their curiosity. This firsthand experience will offer deeper insights into the teaching style, content, and workload of each subject.


  • Communication is key: Talk to your child about their interests, concerns, and initial impressions of the events. Offer guidance and support, but allow them to ultimately make their own choices.
  • Support their exploration: Encourage them to ask questions, experiment with different options, and seek guidance from teachers and advisors.
  • Be mindful of deadlines: Remind them to submit their preferences for the Exploration and keep an eye out for the final subject selection form.

Choosing A-Levels is a big step, but by working together and utilising the resources available, you can help your child navigate the academic jungle with confidence. Remember, this is their journey, and their passion and curiosity are the compass that will guide them towards success!

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