Student Virtual Work Experiences with InvestIn

Student Virtual Work Experiences with InvestIn
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COVID-19 and the ongoing restrictions in physical work experiences do not hamper our students and their motivation. Alongside our partners like InvestIn, Alice Smith students have the opportunity to still pursue their work experiences from the comfort of their own house. Here is one of our students, Annushka who shares her experiences after she was awarded a school’s bursary to attend a free virtual work experience with InvestIn.

"Despite the continuation of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, I had the brilliant opportunity to gain some virtual work experience through the school’s bursary offer on the Young Computer Scientist Live Online Program internship this summer.

This London-based organisation delivers immersive career experiences to students worldwide and gave me an in-depth insight into what the Computer Science industry is really like, especially beyond the school curriculum. 

The week consisted of learning about Digital Forensics, Front-End and Back-End Engineering, Cyber Security, Software Engineering, Data Science, and some basic Robotics. Each day, we had the golden opportunity to learn from industry specialists in each of these facets, and we worked with students from around the world with similar interests on programming projects.

From engaging in interesting debates and discussions about the ethics of AI in panels with professionals in the industry to getting hands down and programming solutions to real-world problems and finding loopholes in a tech company’s back-end system, the program taught me how widespread this industry truly is. 

Towards the end of the week, we started looking into good quality work experience opportunities in large tech firms and how important and essential soft skills are for one’s employability. We learnt about the importance of shadowing an industry professional in order to better understand and learn about how a workplace properly functions.

I truly believe the internship equipped me with essential skills and knowledge in the industry and this enriching experience equipped me with the necessary soft skills required to thrive in the Computer Science industry in the near future."

Alice Smith School students interested to purchase a work experience package from InvestIn are eligible to receive a 10% discount on any of their programmes. Please send an email to with your name and the programme(s) that you are interested to purchase to receive the discount code.

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