Secondary Weekly Highlights: Hooray for ECAs!

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Hooray for ECAs!
Secondary Weekly Highlights

What a fantastic first week in school we have had, particularly with the re-launch of our ECA (Extra Curricular Activity) programme after school. We have 96 ECAs running this term across a wide range of areas, skills and experiences. From Model United Nations and KLASSComm to over 50 students playing in the Orchestra, our students are engaging in and discovering new passions and pursuits.

  • Did you know that we have a Young Investors Club and a Coding Club, both of which offer 'extended' provision outside of the curriculum?
  • That our students can work towards a more sustainable world in sustainability ECAs, such as Eco Club and Edible Gardening?
  • That we have a large number of recreational ECAs, such as knitting, puzzles and board games?

Our ECA Coordinator and Head of House, Danny Hodnett, had this to say about the successful re-launch of ECAs this week:  

'It has been a blessing to have the ECA programme start straight away in Term 3. The extension of provision that is gained from the programme has offered an added vibrancy and zest to the school day. Students have been excellent at maintaining SOPs and as such, activities have been safe and enriching for all involved. There is such a breadth of activities available that students are getting an experience that meets their needs. I look forward to seeing students continue to show enthusiasm and enjoyment in their ECAs throughout Term 3.'

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Student Leadership Day

On the final day of Term 2, our student leaders gathered together to peer-lead a day of student leadership development. Our Key Stage 3 Leader, Jane Stewart-Williams, tells us more about this productive and successful day of leadership learning:

Being back on campus has given us wonderful opportunities to develop students further and run some of the events that had been postponed earlier in the year. On the last day of Term 2, our Key Stage 3 and 4 student leaders had a full day of leadership workshops which enabled them to develop their thinking around leadership and their teamwork skills.Student leadership group work

The day was planned and led by student leaders from our Sixth Form. Some of the key workshops were: Developing a Leadership Team, The Fundamentals of Leadership, Presence in Presenting, and Flexibility and Strategic Thinking. Over the course of the afternoon, students worked in small groups to put all their new skills into practice while creating a development plan for raising awareness of key world issues amongst our student body. Student Leadership sessionIt was wonderful to see the breadth and depth of thinking and listening that occurred throughout the day from our younger students. However, what was particularly special about this event was seeing the confidence and passion with which our Sixth Form leaders shared their knowledge and experiences; all of these students had been student leaders in earlier key stages and developed their skills through similar workshops and they loved having this opportunity to give back to our community in this way.

Student Leadership Day

Author: Dr. Maria Osowiecki, Secondary Principal, Alice Smith School