Primary Weekly Highlights: Art and Music

Primary Weekly Highlights: Art and Music
Primary Weekly Highlights

It has been the most wonderful first week back here at JB. Our staff and students have returned with renewed enthusiasm and energy for learning. Quite a number of new units of learning have launched this week and I am looking forward to experiencing as much of these units as I can along with the students over the coming weeks and sending you updates periodically.

Art and Music

Here at JB, we are passionate about providing a rich and broad curriculum as well as a well rounded education. Our specialist subjects led by our specialist teachers play a huge role in contributing to this. This week I would like to focus on Art and Music. The relationship between the arts and mental health is well documented. Art has been found to reduce anxiety and promote positive mental states. Our Music and Art curricula are providing our students with amazing opportunities to create, explore, perform and learn new skills. Music lesson

This week I observed students learning to play the ukulele, to sing as well as to deepen their understanding of pitch, rhythm and harmony. In Art our students are focusing on the skill of printmaking and I was amazed at the quality of work I saw when visiting our Year 5 students who were using linocuts to carve out their print designs. In both the Music and Art lessons, students were being encouraged to extend and challenge themselves to master new and difficult techniques and skills. The students showed high levels of focus and enjoyment.


We continue to adopt our SOPs to keep everyone safe and I must again emphasise the importance of everyone being very familiar with our Protocols for Attendance on Site. Please if you have any concerns, questions of changing circumstances in relation to your health do contact our nurse immediately at

Finally, I would like to say Ramadan Kareem to anyone within our community celebrating the holy month of Ramadan and wish you all a safe and wonderful weekend.

Alan McCarthy

Primary Principal

Editors extra: If you love art and are looking for something to do check out Mrs. Powell's Art YouTube channel where you can find a whole range of projects!