Secondary Weekly Highlight: A Maths-tastic Weekend!

Secondary Weekly Highlight: A Maths-tastic Weekend!
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On 13th May 2023, 12 of our Years 7 and 8 students participated in the KLJMC Maths Contest held at Garden International School, ably supported by their maths teachers, Mr Welch and Ms Whittington. They competed with a large number of other schools from KL and their performance was exceptional; they made our school proud by securing remarkable positions in their respective categories. We achieved Bronze and Silver overall for our Year 7 students whilst our Year 8 students achieved Silver overall. We also gained medals in many other categories, including Code Breaking, Carousel and Dragon Maths. 



Marym (Year 7) describes the day as follows:

Once we entered the main hall and began the icebreakers, I started to grow in confidence. We solved the questions with ease, and we all worked together, and got more comfortable working as a team. 

We soon started our individual round. One hour later, I realised that time had flown by, and I thought to myself ‘that wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be!’ Next we entered our first challenge as a team. I saw the day begin to progress into a fun and thrilling day, which we all enjoyed. By the end of the day, we were grumbling about leaving! 

At the ceremony, all the times they called ‘Alice Smith’, my friends and I jumped into joy and happiness. Overall, it really was such an amazing experience which I would never forget. If I had the chance to go again, I’d 100% take it!

Overall, our students showcased their exemplary skills and represented our institution with utmost pride. We commend their hard work, resilience, and exceptional mathematical abilities, and are confident that these accomplishments will inspire other students to strive for excellence. In addition, as well as having to work individually, they demonstrated excellent collaborative skills in team working rounds. It was fantastic to hear how they discussed and negotiated their way around the challenges set, until they arrived at the correct answer. 

Once again, we would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the participating students whose exceptional performance has made our school community immensely proud. We commend their hard work, resilience, and exceptional abilities, and we are confident that these accomplishments will inspire other students to strive for excellence.We encourage you to continue pursuing your passion for mathematics and to embrace further opportunities for growth and learning.


Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Maria Osowiecki
Secondary Principal