Secondary Weekly Highlights: Wow! Is every day at EP like this?!

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Wow! Is every day at EP like this?!
Secondary Weekly Highlights
This question burst forth from a delighted Year 6 student at the end of the Creative and Expressive Arts transition day that took place at the EP Campus this Tuesday. Our Head of Creative and Expressive Arts and Associate Vice Principal, Holly Sullivan, tells us more about the day that elicited such excitement and awe:

Y6 Transition Art

"The day that many of us worried would never happen finally took place this week - Year 6 Transition Day. Transition Days are a programme of support, learning and enrichment for Year 6s as they embark on their journey to becoming secondary school students.

The first of these days has a focus on the Creative and Expressive Arts Faculty, which includes Art, Digital Photography, Drama and Music. The Year 6 students were first given an introduction to the faculty, facilities and staff in EP’s beautiful Performing Arts Hall, as well as being shown a Year in the Life of the Arts Faculty video to whet their appetites on the experiences soon to come for them.

Next the students rotated through three taster lessons in Art, Drama and Music, as well as a session on Arts extra-curricular activities, which was led by our student leaders.

Y6 Transition Drama

In the Art lesson, students honed their drawing skills with a focus on still life. Over in Drama, students collaborated to develop their performing and technical theatre understanding using voice, physicality, stage lights and special effects. EP Music teachers were joined by the peripatetic music team in the delivery of their session, in which students heard about our Band Programme and the range of brass and woodwind instruments they will learn next year. In the ECA session, Year 6s learnt from our Year 10 and Year 12 student leaders about the many different and varied opportunities EP offers for performing, creating through weekly clubs, trips, residencies, concerts and productions. 

The Year 6 students threw themselves into each activity with verve, creativity and confidence. We cannot wait to see what they will bring to the EP community next year."

Y6 Transition Music

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

Author: Maria Osowiecki, Secondary Principal