Primary Weekly Highlights: Service to the Community

Primary Weekly Highlights: Service to the Community
Primary Weekly Highlights

Our Year 6 students were very excited this week as they visited our wonderful EP campus as part of their transition programme to Secondary School (you can read more about their experiences here). I know from speaking to the students that they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and that they are really looking forward to their remaining visits. It has been a pleasure getting to know the Year 6 cohort this year. They have been tremendous role models for everyone here at JB. One area in which they have demonstrated their amazing spirit and kindness is within our Year 6 Challenge Award. 

This week I was incredibly impressed reading the poster displays they have made to showcase their ‘Service to the Community’ projects. Some students dedicated six hours to a community project of their choice. Other students chose to raise awareness of a local charity. The students exhibited a number of the KLASS learner attributes but with a central focus on being community-minded. 

Y6 Challenge Service postersY6Challenge Poster

Service to others is such an important aspect to learning here at JB and is genuinely student driven. It helps our students develop their understanding of empathy, service and trustworthiness. It helps to shape their characters by connecting their learning to action and fostering reflection.

I felt so proud reading the children’s work. Here are some of the quotes from their posters:

‘It feels nice to be part of something bigger than myself.’

‘I was very proud that I had helped make a difference.’

‘It made me realise how much we took for granted.’

Projects including animal focused ones such as saving sun bears and working at veterinary hospitals, baking food for front line workers and raising awareness around people in poverty and those affected by natural disasters. It has been so important to keep the Challenge Award running this school year and I am amazed at the positive impact I see it having on the growth of our students.

Best wishes
Alan McCarthy
Primary Principal