Secondary Weekly Highlights: Behind the Easel

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Behind the Easel
Secondary Weekly Highlights
Art Exam

Friday was the final day of mock exams for our Year 10 and Year 12 artists and photographers. Art and photography exams are somewhat distinctive in terms of both their structure and length. Students have 10 (Year 10) or 15 (Year 12) hours to create their final piece based on a particular theme.

Our Year 10 artists have been crafting a representational A3 sized self-portrait using soft pencils and working from secondary source material. Our Year 12s, on the other hand, have been creating a still life study through a medium of choice and reflective of the style of an art movement, such as pop art, impressionism, cubism, realism or art nouveau. The subject matter for each still life is centred around personal objects that are meaningful to the individual.

Student taking Art ExamFor our photographers, Year 10 have been experimenting with photomontage and physically manipulating the image through photo-weaving. They have also explored the illusion of perspective whilst studying the subject of portraiture. Year 12 photographers have adopted the techniques of levitation, photomontage and solarisation explored through a personal narrative and finalised as a large-scale triptych photographic outcome. 

Student drawing Self Portrait

For both photographers and artists, the final exam is the culmination of weeks and months of exploration, experimentation and preparation as students have developed their knowledge and skills during the research, conceptualisation and design processes. Each work of art represents a journey of both discovery and expression for our students. You can see more of our students work on our Twitter feed @KLASS_EPArt

Y12 Art examY12 Art Exam

Captains of KLASS

Friday was also the day that we were finally able to celebrate and commend the students who have led in specific areas of sport as sports captains this year. This lunchtime event recognised their contribution to their respective sport in addition to the leadership they have provided in what has been a challenging year for all sports. A highlight for all was the unveiling of the sports captain posters. Our sports captains are role models. They are chosen not just because of their sporting prowess, but on account of the values they model and the example they set to all students to aspire and support each other in their sporting endeavours. 

Sports Captains with Posters

Swimming Captains

Author: Maria Osowiecki, Secondary Principal