Secondary Weekly Highlights: A Dramatic Year 🎭

Secondary Weekly Highlights: A Dramatic Year 🎭
Secondary Weekly Highlights

This week we were treated to our annual Key Stage 3 Drama Assembly - a celebration of all things Drama that have taken place this year and by which our students have been stretched, challenged and captivated. 

Our Drama Team - Ms. Sullivan and Ms. Watkinson - have creatively and expertly adapted the Drama curriculum at Key Stage 3 this year to be delivered virtually. They have embraced this challenge and I invite you to enjoy Ms. Watkinson’s explanation of what this has looked and felt like for our Key Stage 3 students below.

FOBISIA Monologue Challenge

"Our Key Stage 3 Drama Assembly showcased incredible creative performances and projects by students in Year 7, 8 and 9 across the academic year. Virtual learning has indeed impacted our practical subjects, but despite the challenges it has brought, it has also offered new and exciting ways of performing, collaborating, designing, writing and reviewing theatre. We have seen students perform in different forms and styles, build their confidence and stretch their technical skills to convey character and story in innovative ways for their audience.

Creating a Costume for Caliban
Students in Year 7 dived into the world of the Grimm Folktales and Shakespeare’s The Tempest developing their skills in narration, characterisation, costume and sound design. Year 8 students explored Shakespeare’s Macbeth, adapting the text for a modern audience in VLOGS and news reports. They also participated in a stage combat challenge, taking inspiration from professional combat choreographers across the world and judged by our very own combat-specialist Mr. Potts and media expert Mrs. Moore.

Macbeth News Report

Macbeth - Creating a VLOG
The Year 8 CEArts Drama students created films in the genre of Found Footage, some basing their experiences on lockdown and others on ghouls and ghosts to make their audience feel thrilled. We had spectacular entries to the FOBISIA Monologue Challenge that the Drama Department hosted this year. Our Year 9 students investigated the Greek play, Medea, performed GCSE-level monologues showing depth in character and explored Commedia Dell’Arte - an early form of Italian Comedy.
Zoom shot from Creating theatre elective

The Creating Theatre Elective class, adapted the play ‘Us and Them’ to be performed on Zoom, using breakout rooms to further immerse their audience. Finally, to bring it right back to where we started the academic year, we had numerous students across Key Stage 3 audition to be cast in our production of Annie, showing their sheer love of creative expression. The assembly was the perfect opportunity to celebrate student achievements in Drama, allowing teachers and students to now look forward to a continued abundance of creativity whether we are in face to face or in virtual learning." 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Maria Osowiecki

Secondary Principal