Primary Weekly Highlights: Music Matters!🎼📻🎶

Primary Weekly Highlights: Music Matters!🎼📻🎶
Learning Early Years Primary Weekly Highlights

Despite the ongoing challenges we are facing on a global scale, music making has continued to enhance the lives of many, including those within our school community. 

Music Moments 1

The positive impact that music in its many forms has on wellbeing is widely documented. Whether participating or listening, music is associated with improved mood, reduced anxiety, lower levels of depression, and overall improved subjective wellbeing (Daykin et al., 2018), and plays a vital social role in our societies. Particularly important at this point in time, it offers us a pathway to human connection, to shared experience, and to a sense of community and belonging. To underestimate the power and importance of music during these socially distanced times, is wholly misguided (Gerdy, 2020)

It is, therefore, no surprise that so many of our students have continued to dedicate their time at home to music making, listening, and performing. Some of the musical opportunities happening across the school at the moment are shared below. You can access ALL performances and resources on the Primary Music website


Showcasing student performances, and open to all students in Year 1 - Year 6. Students submit their video performances, which are then shared with the wider school community. You can see previous and upcoming performances here, and register here (Year 1 & 2 only).


A dedicated group of students meeting each week to make music together, working towards a final video performance project. You can view their past projects, and their new project at the end of this term, here.



A group of wonderful JB singers recently participated in FOBISIA Voices, combining with schools across SE Asia to create a huge Virtual Choir. You can see them performing ‘There Will Always be Music’ here



Listening & responding to music through art, Early Years students have experienced Grieg’s ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ and created fantastic visuals inspired by the music. You can check it out here.


Overcoming the challenges of the Distance Learning format, many students continue to develop their instrumental and vocal music skills through peripatetic music lessons online. Our wonderful teachers and students have shown themselves to be dedicated, resilient, and resourceful, with many students continuing to progress through graded repertoire and even learning new instruments. 


You can continue to find out what is happening in Music at JB by regularly visiting our PRIMARY MUSIC WEBSITE, and following  @KLASS_JBMusic on Twitter.