Highlighting Diversity through the Humanities

Highlighting Diversity through the Humanities
Secondary Weekly Highlights Humanities

What a pleasure it was recently to see our Humanities prefects planning and leading on a week of awareness-raising activities and experiences. This year’s theme was diversity and inclusion and the Senior Prefects had the aim of showcasing the important role Humanities subjects play in diversity. They explored the meaning of diversity, its social benefits, how our experiences shape the way we see the world, how our differences have been used to segregate and alienate, and what it means for the future. Our Senior Prefect, Adri, tells us more below:

Business & Economics Day activities

"We started off the week with a Business and Economics Day, spending lunch time playing a game of “Guess the Price” with various grocery items. Students of all ages went home with food prizes such as tasty snacks and drinks. The purpose of this activity was to bring people together and learn more about business pricing strategies and the real world.

The following day was History Day, where the first floor of the Humanities block was turned into the site of a scavenger hunt. Students (and teachers!) of all ages hunted around the department to try to find various historical dictators, and tested their knowledge with how much they knew about each one.

Sociology and Psychology Day, with a showing of a documentary in the lecture theatre

Wednesday was our Sociology and Psychology Day, with a showing of a documentary in the lecture theatre. The documentary about Jane Elliot’s infamous Blue Eyes Brown Eyes experiment helped raise awareness about the intricacies of discrimination and what social and psychological effects this has.

The next day was Geography Day, where we had capitals, flags and countries quizzes during lunchtime. It was a great opportunity for younger years to get involved to win an earth cookie; we had some amazing geographers take part with a pair of students naming 106 countries in just four minutes and multiple students getting 25/25 for the flags quiz. Well done Shan Yang and Sid! 

Humanities and Diversity Day activities

The week was capped off with Humanities and Diversity Day, featuring all six subjects hosting a drop-in session at the Main Hall. We spoke to many bright curious minds on the various Humanities subjects, sharing pizzas in the process. The highlight of the day had to be the Humanities teachers dressed up to represent diversity as iconic figures in Humanities.

We were all so glad to be able to share our passion for Humanities and its importance with the school." 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, 

Maria Osowiecki

Secondary Principal