Primary Weekly Highlights: Music Moments 🎶

Primary Weekly Highlights: Music Moments 🎶
Learning Primary Weekly Highlights

Music Moments has been a much loved staple in the JB Music calendar for a number of years. The event provides an exciting and high profile, yet low stakes performance opportunity, allowing students of all ages and skill levels to experience the joy of performing and share their learning and their progress with their peers and the school community. Performance is vital in the learning journey of young musicians, allowing them to hone their showmanship skills, giving them time sensitive goals to work towards, building confidence and moving them closer to mastery of their instrument. Music Moments is not only about playing an instrument, but also the challenge of presenting yourself on stage and embracing the thrill of live performance.


Pre-Covid times, Music Moments was run as a live performance in front of a small audience of peers and parents. We hope to return to this format soon. However, our virtual versions of Music Moments have also been highly successful. We have had many students from across the school submit their performance video each term. This virtual format has given students the opportunity to explore a new type of performance, and the invaluable ability to watch themselves perform. Self reflection and evaluation are critical to improving as a young musician, and the opportunity to do so as part of Music Moments has been very beneficial for all involved.


Our young Music Moments performers have inspired their fellow students and the school community over the past 18 months. Their dedication to continuing their musical learning is to be admired, and a number of students have since taken up lessons on an instrument after seeing their friends perform. While we hope to return to face to face performances very soon, we are grateful that our young musicians have risen to the challenge of these continuing virtual opportunities. We are sure they are better musicians for it.

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Maxine Lee-Morath
Primary Music Leader