Secondary Weekly Highlights: Student Leadership 🎖

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Student Leadership 🎖
Leadership Secondary Weekly Highlights

Being at Alice Smith means belonging to something special. There are so many reasons for this but one is the way in which we enrich the lives and characters of young people. Student Leadership is one platform that offers us this opportunity. In this week’s Secondary Blog, our Vice Principal for Our Students, Richard Stockings, shares how our EP community draws upon the strengths of its student leaders.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” - John F. Kennedy

Leadership can be found in many different guises. There are formal platforms from which our students lead, but there are also examples of excellent student leadership visible on a daily basis, whether in lesson time, at break and lunch, through our ECA programme or in the ways I so often see young people interacting and encouraging each other. You don't need a title or role to be a role model and a leader!


One group of students who do exercise a formal leadership role are our team of Head Students. This dynamic group strives to lead and support the student body through strategic work - in addressing and discussing matters that impact on daily school life. I am full of admiration for their energy in offering ideas about where to make improvements and how to continually ensure all flourish at Alice Smith. They are role models on a daily basis and have done a great deal to inspire our younger leaders at EP.

Beyond our Head Student team, we have a fabulous team of students from across all year groups who work in student leadership positions and this is coupled with a wider senior prefect body in our Sixth Form. Here, students are attached to their House or subject areas and their input has been positive and varied. Our House prefects, for example, ensured we had a wonderful Christmas Sing Off; our subject prefects have made sure department areas have been transformed; development plans have been written. Student leaders have also led our assemblies, with Remembrance Day and Chinese New Year being examples that demonstrate a confidence and passion to share their ideas. All of this has been definitively student led and inspired!

At Key Stage 3 and 4, leaders are trained and they continue to support our students in multiple ways. We have seen work done in promoting our school values and recognising this in a celebratory event at the end of Term 1. We have seen their commitment to Service in the Shoe Box Appeal. We see them supporting and motivating younger students in Transition work. The list goes on...


We also embrace the work done by our Sports Leaders. These students follow a Sports Leadership pathway, which culminates in a festival for younger students. This has just taken place and our sports leaders acted as buddies for new and younger students during the event. We do continue to ask students to be buddies for those joining Alice Smith. It is so important in encouraging elements of leadership and responsibility and really does help new students settle. 

Finally, I would like to extend my thanks to our team of leaders who support others in their learning. Alongside this buddy system are student leaders who involve themselves in Peer Coaching - having coaching conversations with students to help them focus their learning and goals and to continually support those who may benefit from this extra intervention. It is amazing how powerful a young person's experience can be in helping another find direction and focus.

That is a flavour of the student leadership work underway and I know I shall have much more to share as the year progresses!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Maria Osowiecki
Secondary Principal

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