AIMS Primary Science Competition 2022

AIMS Primary Science Competition 2022
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This year the AIMS Primary Science competition is inspired by the work of Theo Jansen. He is a Dutch artist who builds large mechanisms out of PVC. They move on their own and are called โ€œStrandbeestsโ€. The kinetic sculptures use mechanisms and renewable energy to appear to walk. These structures are made from all types of recycled materials, but especially plastic (yellow Dutch electricity pipes!). They are seen roaming beaches powered by the wind!

Take a look at the amazing video below to see what we are talking about;


Competition Summary

Automata with winding handle

This year students are challenged to create their own Theo Jansen inspired kinetic sculpture or automata*.

*Automata: The term "Automata" means "self-acting". An automata is an abstract self-propelled device which follows a predetermined sequence of operations automatically. This video shows mechanical cam-toy or automata - a kinetic toy or
machine with moving parts that represents a concept or situation.

What will the judges be looking for?

For entries in the EYFS section our judges will be looking for:
  • Best demonstration of movement
  • Wow factor
  • Original idea
  • Use of recycled materials
  • Powered by a renewable source
For entries in the older sections (Years 1 to 6) our judges will be looking for:
  • Best demonstration of movement
  • Wow factor
  • Powered by a renewable source
  • Use of mechanics and engineering
  • Optional: has a useful purpose (e.g. weathervane, irrigator etc.)


How to enter

  • Students need to submit their entry as a video diary and explanation. (This must include a video log of their process. This will document the improvement process and learning reflections.)
  • There are 4 age categories: EYFS, KS1 (Years 1 and 2), LKS2 (Years 3 and 4) and UKS2 (Years 5 and 6)
  • Students will need to work independently (outside of school)
  • Submit entries by April 20th 2022.

So put your thinking caps on and let's see some wonderful creations inspired by the Strandbeests!

AIMS Science Competition 2022