Spark Your Creativity: Enter the KLASS Supporter Batik Design Competition

Spark Your Creativity: Enter the KLASS Supporter Batik Design Competition

Calling all Alice Smith School students! Join the KLASS Supporter Batik Design Competition, where your artistic brilliance can shine bright - incredible prizes up for grabs.

Theme: Celebrating Our School

The theme is all about celebrating our school's identity. Create a Batik design that includes elements like landmarks, plants, animals, buildings, our school logo, and our purpose statement. These represent the heart and soul of our school community.

What to Do:

Your Batik design should fit within a 9x9 inch block and the final design will be produced in green and white. You can use any technique you prefer, whether it's traditional paper or digital sketching. Express your interpretation of our school's identity and culture. Don't forget to share the story behind your creation! Each design should be accompanied by a brief description that provides insight into the inspiration of your Batik Design.

Batik design

Example of the Batik Design: 

This example design combines key elements from our school's logo, like the book, flame, and spark from our purpose statement. It also features our campus tortoises, known as 'Mr. T, Poppy, and Buttercup,' who have been cherished inhabitants of our Primary Campus landscape for almost a decade. 

Submission Guidelines:

For paper-based designs, simply scan your final artwork and send it via email. If digital, email your design as a PDF file. Remember, your work must be original.

Submission Deadline:

Mark your calendars! The deadline for submissions is Friday, 3rd November 2023 to . Make sure to send in your Batik artwork before this date to be part of the competition.

Grand Prize: Exclusive KLASS Supporter Merchandise Package

The grand prizes are the brand-new KLASS Supporter Merchandise items like KLASS Supporter T-shirt, Baseball Caps, Water Bottles, and etc. It's a fantastic way to showcase your talent and support for our school.

The KLASS Supporter Batik Design Competition is your chance to shine as an artistic spirit and show your school pride. So, get creative, submit your Batik designs by Friday, 3rd November 2023, and be part of this exciting event. It's time to leave your artistic mark on our school history!

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