Year 2 learning during the MCO

Year 2 learning during the MCO
Leadership Innovation in Education MCO
Our Alice Smith Primary Curriculum has been developed specifically for our student body. Our students are consistently high attainers academically and have had a wide range of diverse experiences before starting school. We have designed a curriculum that challenges the thinking of our able learners, preparing them for jobs requiring high level problem solving skills, creativity and communication skills, as well as a strong skill base. It aids transition to and from other schools all over the world.

Our ‘Goal-focussed’, cross curricular, approach connects learning across all subjects. This means that students not only acquire deep subject knowledge but are also given vitally important opportunities to demonstrate that they can apply these in real-life contexts and transfer the skills acquired during lessons.
Our Primary Principal, Alan McCarthy, writes below about how our Year 2's are continuing to enthusiastically engage with our curriculum despite the challenges of distance learning and the ongoing MCO.
Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel
"We have experienced another great week of learning at JB. My focus this week is on our Year 2 students who have been learning within a unit centred around a very important area. The students have been focused on learning about ways we can save our earth and are now quite some way into this unit. 
The unit began with the book Michael Recycle telling the children the story of a recycling superhero who promotes environmental awareness. The students really enjoyed the superhero dress up day. The idea of a superhero naturally sparked the students interest but it was the important message of keeping our planet clean which was the big takeaway for the students.
Year2 children's writing
There are various steps involved in this unit such as learning about different ways to help planet earth get stronger through energy saving, reducing waste and appreciating the importance of saving water. The students created their own earth saving superheroes. They are also developing their knowledge and skills within writing by learning about expanded noun phrases, use of similes as well as some key elements with story writing such as setting, character and story sequencing. 
The end goal of this unit is for each student to record a video of their story to share with their younger peers in Reception with the aim of educating Reception students on ways to save our earth. 

It is clear that the Year 2 students have been thoroughly enjoying their learning within this unit and certainly making progress with their writing skills. What is arguably equally important is that they are developing a strong sense of environmental awareness and a passion for saving our earth.

I am very much looking forward to seeing their final pieces for their end goal."