Primary Weekly Highlight: Year 6 Student Leaders

Primary Weekly Highlight: Year 6 Student Leaders
Leadership Primary Weekly Highlights

“Having spent 7 years at Alice Smith (JB,) I would like to contribute back to the school community and being a House Leader is one good way to do so.” Nate, Year 6.

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We believe that our students need to experience responsibility in order to help them play an active role as good citizens. This term, our Year 6 students had the opportunity to apply for a student leadership position and we were delighted to appoint over 40 students to be Prefects and House Leaders. They are role models to whom other students aspire and have begun their jobs around the campus in earnest.

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Our Prefects have been supporting our youngest students in Pre-School, helping them to transition to their classrooms in the morning, modelling classroom behaviour and supporting on the playground. In assembly, others have spoken about the character strength of the week and how it affects our daily life. True ambassadors of our school, they have also been participating in parent tours of the JB campus while sharing their thoughts about life at JB! In addition, they have supported our office staff and carried out jobs responsibly around the school.

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Our House Leaders have mainly been supporting other students socially during lunchtimes. Some have been play leaders, running games and activities on the playground and in the gym; refereeing football matches and promoting fair play. Others have been ‘friendly faces’ on the field for our younger students and have been on the lookout for students who may need a buddy. Other House Leaders have been very busy counting house points and announcing the weekly winners in assembly.

We are very proud of our Year 6 2022-23 Student Leaders and look forward to seeing everything they will accomplish this year.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Helen Jones

Assistant Principal Our Students

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