Founder’s Day Celebrations at Alice Smith

Founder’s Day Celebrations at Alice Smith
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Founder’s Day 2020_KLASS Times 3 July 2020-2Held annually in July on Mrs Alice Fairfield-Smith’s birthday, Founder’s Day is a very special occasion for the community to learn about the unique story of how the school began, and reflect on the legacy and success as one of the oldest and most respected international schools in the Asian region.

To commemorate the birthday of our founder, July 4th, the school adopted a tree from the Alice Smith School Foundation’s Green Thumb Project in support of the sustainability journey of the school. Mr Schultz, our Head of School planted the tree and hung the plaque on the last day of school.

"To say this has been an extraordinary end to a school year would be a huge understatement. Nevertheless, we're finishing it in true Alice Smith style. The planting of the tree this year will be a lasting memory, as we commemorate the birthday of our founder and bring an exceptional school year to a close. Sic Itur Ad Astra… in this way we shall reach the stars."

The ethos and culture in a school is established and embedded over time. Celebrating the wonderful history and reflecting on what Alice Smith means is an important part of the school’s culture. What better day to commemorate this than on the birthday of the founder, Mrs Alice Fairfield-Smith.

You can find out more about our school history by exploring our timeline!