Shamirah Nurhaida Low Binti Abdullah

Shamirah Nurhaida Low Binti Abdullah
Community & Charity

Letter in Memory of Mira 3 July 2020On 2nd July 2020, we saw the tragic loss of our beloved colleague, with the sudden passing of Shamirah Nurhaida Low Binti Abdullah. Mostly known to her colleagues and the school community lovingly as 'Mira', she joined The Alice Smith School almost a decade ago on 21st December 2010.

Mira made significant contributions to our school through her utmost dedication and commitment, never forgetting to put joy into everything she does. She will be remembered as an energetic and caring colleague, always offering a big smile to students and parents whom she met at work. She was also a supporter of philanthropy, volunteering her time for the school’s foundation charitable work.

Roger Schultz, our Head of School, shares his memories of Mira,

"It is with great sadness that I reach out to you today. Late yesterday we received the news that Shamirah Nurhaida Low Binti Abdullah or, as we knew her best, ‘Mira’ had passed away. Mira was a shining light in our community and has been for a long time. She joined our Finance Team in 2010 and many of you will remember her in her role as Assistant Manager at EP, but probably more so, you will remember her generosity of spirit, her courage, her kindness and her laughter.

I will always remember Mira for her engaging personality and energetic spirit. For someone who had dealt with so much sadness and heartbreak in her life, Mira never let this affect her work in school or her positive approach as a colleague and friend.

Mira had an attitude to life that we can all admire. She was a supportive, responsible and hardworking team member in our Finance Team, with a sense of humour and fun that endeared her to everyone.

I will always remember her cheeky smile and outgoing personality. She was a larger than life character in so many ways. She brightened my day and always laughed at my mediocre attempts to be funny whenever we interacted.

That was our Mira - wanting others to feel good about themselves and be happy. Mira’s life has come to an end far too early and unexpectedly. A heartbreaking loss to family, friends and colleagues.

The following message of thanks was sent recently by one of our Year 13 students to Mira and encapsulates for many how she will be remembered:

Dear Ms. Shamirah,

Thank you for being so happy and smiley whenever I came to see you to top up my touch and go card! Hearing you say "Hello!" always brightened up my day and made me smile. I think all the other students can also agree that you should never stop being so friendly.

Our memories of Mira will be with us forever. Our sincere thoughts and prayers go out to Mira’s family and friends who are suffering so much grief at this time.

We understand that you may wish to reach out to us. If you would like to send any words of condolence to Mira’s family, please do so by emailing our Director of Administration & Operations, Jean Chang (, or our incoming Secondary Principal, Maria Osowiecki (, who will ensure these are passed on."

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time.