FOBISIA Virtual Dance and Gymnastics

FOBISIA Virtual Dance and Gymnastics
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Last week KLASS students watched in anticipation as their hard work creating gymnastic routines and dances during lockdown was shared with the FOBISIA community.

FOBISIA Virtual Dance

Back in distance learning, Ms Sullivan and Miss Curwood worked closely with our students, offering them the opportunity to enter the FOBISIA Invitational Dance, hosted by Bangkok Patana School. Many of our students filmed their entries in their own homes during lockdown and we submitted five solo entries and a duet. 

On Tuesday 30 November we were treated to a virtual presentation of incredibly unique and vibrant videos of solo dances, duos and trios. Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary; Ballet; Self Choreography and Creativity In Concept & Choreography were all categories involving our wonderful KLASS students’ creations.

We are proud to share the following students who placed on the podium, together with their winning performances:

Category: Middle School Solo - Creativity in concept and choreography

Ruby (Y7) 1st place

Category: Middle School Solo - Self choreography

Ruby  (Y7) 2nd place

Category: High School Solo - Jazz, lyrical and contemporary 

Lin (Y12) 3rd place

Category: High School Duos and Trios- Jazz, lyrical and contemporary 

Olivia and Lilah (Y11) 2nd place

We’d also like to congratulate Tara (Y7), Leanna (Y7) and Raisa (Y11) for their fantastic entries into the solo competitions. We will be sharing student entries in upcoming end of term celebration assemblies to celebrate our dancer’s success. You can watch the full recording of the awards here.

FOBISIA Virtual Gymnastics 

On Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 November our gymnasts watched their floor routines in Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) and Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) streamed live as judges scored their performances. It was tense stuff!

Thanks to Mrs Coates, external gymnastics coaches and parents' support, the routines were of high quality and the competition was fierce. Our students' scores were excellent in each category and this is testament to their preparation and level of performance.

We had six students enter the event and our solo EP gymnast Alexis scored highly (9.1) in WAG Level 2 Senior.

From our five JB gymnasts we celebrate two podium placings:

WAG Level 3 Jnr

Lauren 3rd Place

MAG Level 1 Jnr

Donovan 2nd Place

Congratulations also to Katie, Zahira and Sophie (WAG Level 2 Jnr) who entered and scored highly. Watch the video below for highlights of the event.

Congratulations to all our dancers and gymnasts for their hard work and commitment.  Thank you for supporting these fantastic virtual events.

Have a wonderful, and restful Christmas break.

Lewis Keens

Director Of Sport