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FOBISIA Virtual Dance and Gymnastics FOBISIA Virtual Dance and Gymnastics

Last week KLASS students watched in anticipation as their hard work creating gymnastic routines and dances during lockdown was shared with the FOBISIA community.

FOBISIA Virtual Dance

Back in distance learning, Ms Sullivan and Miss Curwood worked closely with our students, offering them the opportunity to enter the FOBISIA Invitational Dance, hosted by Bangkok Patana School...

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AIMS Virtual Olympics Results AIMS Virtual Olympics Results

After 5 weeks of competition, involving 1,639 participants from 41 AIMS schools the official AIMS Virtual Olympics Results are inโ€ฆ

We are pleased that 50 KLASS students took part in the competition with 10 of our students managing to make the leaderboard in the events! ๐Ÿ…

To see the final leaderboards for each individual event and a list of all participating schools please..

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