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Primary Weekly Highlights: A Term Full of Learning Primary Weekly Highlights: A Term Full of Learning

Term 2 ended today with two wonderful assemblies in which we reflected on the achievements and learning of everyone during these past few months. As an entire community we faced numerous covid related challenges but through incredible perseverance and teamwork we not only overcame them but we achieved and in many ways flourished.Sharing the story of learning highlights with..

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Primary Weekly Highlights: Competition Time at JB!🚩🙌 Primary Weekly Highlights: Competition Time at JB!🚩🙌

EDUCATION PERFECT WORLD/FOBISIA CHAMPIONSHIPSFrom the 8th March until the 15th March, our Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 students eagerly competed in the Education Perfect World Championships. With the help of KS3 students, they answered 671,940 language questions (the equivalent of 1,016 hours spent competing!) in Mandarin, French, Bahasa, but also Spanish, German, Japanese and other..

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Primary Weekly Highlights: Learning About Forces in Year 6 🧲🧐 Primary Weekly Highlights: Learning About Forces in Year 6 🧲🧐

Year 6 is determined to bring learning to life safely for every one of our students. The science topic, Forces, was the perfect way to develop the children’s understanding of the scientific process through a variety of hands-on experiments. 

Hands-on science encourages the children to DO something – observe, ask questions, touch, experiment. Allowing children to really get..

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FOBISIA Virtual Dance and Gymnastics FOBISIA Virtual Dance and Gymnastics

Last week KLASS students watched in anticipation as their hard work creating gymnastic routines and dances during lockdown was shared with the FOBISIA community.

FOBISIA Virtual Dance

Back in distance learning, Ms Sullivan and Miss Curwood worked closely with our students, offering them the opportunity to enter the FOBISIA Invitational Dance, hosted by Bangkok Patana School...

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Secondary Weekly Highlights: Welcome to our KLASS Community! Secondary Weekly Highlights: Welcome to our KLASS Community!

We are now five weeks into the 2021-22 academic year and our newly-arrived teachers have done a fantastic job of getting to grips with teaching in a new school and, for some, living in a new country. Teaching so far this year has had the added challenge of being online and I salute the way our recently-arrived teachers have successfully established relationships for learning..

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AIMS Virtual Olympics AIMS Virtual Olympics

Competitive sport brings excitement, collaboration and connection, so come and join in!On Monday 13 September The AIMS Virtual Olympics was officially launched across over 40 Malaysian international schools and is a fantastic opportunity for our students to compete, connect and collaborate through physical activity whilst we are Distance Learning.The AIMS Sports Virtual..

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Primary Weekly Highlights: Our Students Primary Weekly Highlights: Our Students

As I reflect upon the first two weeks of this school year, it is our students who are foremost in my mind. Our students have yet again demonstrated incredible levels of resilience and strength in the face of some major challenges. 

They have had to cope with a change of year group including new teachers and classmates while continuing to learn virtually. Speaking with our..

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Online Learning Safety and Online Social Activities Online Learning Safety and Online Social Activities

As we continue with online learning and engaging in educational activities, it is good to be aware of the challenges that such a platform can present to our students. The school’s educational platform of Google is a secure platform that permits students to access materials used by the school for educational purposes. Students have the ability to share work and chat through..
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Virtual learning for Secondary Students: What, Why and How Virtual learning for Secondary Students: What, Why and How

Malaysia will be in lockdown for at least two weeks from 1st June, possibly longer. At this time, it is unclear if we will be able to return to campus for face-to-face learning this term. We hope that the lockdown will significantly reduce the transmission of Covid-19 and that this, along with the accelerating vaccination programme, will enable us to re-open to students as..
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The impact of School Closure and Covid on Learning The impact of School Closure and Covid on Learning

We're going back to school! Yes on March 8th we will welcome all our students back to  campus after spending most of this term engaged in distance learning due to the pandemic. We'll be very pleased to see them but a question on many parents minds is 'How much impact has the school closure and the pandemic had on learning?'

Our recent Primary parent workshop focused on this..

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Virtual Learning: Take Two Virtual Learning: Take Two

Things were just beginning to feel like 'normal'. We had been back in school since the beginning of term and our community had successfully adjusted to the SOPs required to stay safe and healthy. Facemasks, hand washing and physical distancing had become part of our everyday, our 'normal'. However the rise in Covid-19 cases locally means that all schools in Selangor and the..

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Spotlight on Sociology Spotlight on Sociology

What is Sociology?

Sociology is a wide-ranging field that encompasses many aspects of society and develops students' awareness of the world around them. It is the study of society, people and their behaviour. Sociologists examine theories of society, look at evidence and collect research to establish whether theories are correct. We also hope to use this research practically..

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Student Support Programme Student Support Programme

The Student Support Programme (SSP) is a scheme that allows our older students to help other students in their academic studies and it has continued and developed even during virtual learning. The 'regular' scheme involves volunteers from Year 12 and 13 offering support to students in the lower year groups in a subject of their choice. These choices are then matched with..

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Science Extension Projects Science Extension Projects

The Science Faculty introduced our Year 11 and 13 students to the Science Extension Projects in May. These were designed as a result of the cancellation of (I)GCSE and A Level examinations and provided an opportunity for students to delve into aspects of science that fascinated, nurtured, extended and inspired their learning. Students were briefed with the outline of the..

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No Exams But Lots Of Learning No Exams But Lots Of Learning

Our Year 11 and 13 students, left without the traditional Summer Term exams, have been engaging with our enrichment and extension programmes and in doing so they have shown great resilience, independence and a real passion for learning in its truest sense.

Year 13

Our Year 13's have been following bespoke programmes chosen from over 30 in-school courses (including biomedical..

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PE & Sport: How we're adapting our teaching during the MCO PE & Sport: How we're adapting our teaching during the MCO

Staff in the EP PE & Sport Department have been working hard to provide students with quality online learning during these difficult and challenging circumstances. We have created a series of videos and resources via our online portal, provided live lessons via google meet and developed further academic and enrichment learning opportunities for our older students. Read more..

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Using Learning Technology to Enhance Assessment Using Learning Technology to Enhance Assessment

In recent articles on virtual learning at EP we have introduced some of the technologies our teachers use to improve the learning experience for Alice Smith students. In this update our Lead Learning Coach, James Collinson shares some of the ways teachers are using technology and innovative teaching strategies specifically to improve the quality and impact of teacher-student..

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How to Create a Positive Virtual Learning Environment at Home How to Create a Positive Virtual Learning Environment at Home

With the MCO (Movement Control Order) extended, Alice Smith School students will continue their learning online, virtually and at a distance. We recognise this creates different types of challenges for families. 

The Alice Smith School Primary Pastoral Team has outlined 3 tips for creating a positive virtual learning environment at home.

Be realistic about what you can do

  • ..
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Ten contemplative tips and more resources! Ten contemplative tips and more resources!

Dan, our Primary Counsellor, shares ten contemplative tips and some more useful resources to help everyone through the MCO.

"Welcome back to term 3 everyone. I’m heartened that the Alice Smith community is coming together at a time when we all naturally feel a little fragmented, and that parent / child feedback has shaped new online offerings this term. I’m also glad there’s..

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