Celebrating our diversity! Japan 💮

Celebrating our diversity! Japan 💮
National Days

At Alice Smith School we welcome students from over 40 different nationalities and enjoy celebrating many festivals often through our shared love of food! National and special days give us opportunities to come together and experience a small part of each other's cultures - with the support of our wonderful kitchen teams!

JB Japan displayWith the extension of the MCO we now know we won't be able to host our popular celebration of Japan 💮. Previously we have celebrated Japan Foundation Day on Feb 11th, but this year we were looking forwards to the Emperor's Birthday on 23rd Feb 🎉. Here's a little more information on the day.

The Emperor's Birthday (Tenno tanjobi) is a national holiday, celebrated on the birthday of reigning Emperor Naruhito on 23rd February.

A public ceremony takes place at the Imperial Palace, where the gates of the palace are opened to public traffic. The Emperor and members of the Imperial family appear on a palace balcony to acknowledge birthday congratulations of crowds of well wishers, waving tiny Japanese flags.

 Chef Izzat cooking the yakitori chickenIn previous years Chef Izzat has prepared a live cooking counter, cooking and serving teppanyaki beef or yakitori chicken fresh for the students at our secondary campus. A little bit of Japanese culture was also brought to the dining halls, with a display of yukatas (traditional children’s dress) and geta (traditional wooden shoes).

Our Primary Campus menu has been just as appetising with chicken katsu curry, Japanese beef noodles and miso soup at lunchtime following a popular breakfast snack of Tamago Sando (Japanese egg sandwiches) in the morning.

We look forward to celebrating more national days with our families over the coming months and hope to be enjoying the superb cooking of our kitchen teams back on campus soon!

Interested in studying in Japan? Check out our blog post with Francis who chose Japan as her higher education study destination and studied in Tokyo or perhaps you want to learn the Japanese martial art of judo, one of many options in our extra curricular activities for students.