Celebrating our diversity! Indonesia

Celebrating our diversity! Indonesia
National Days
Continuing with the celebration of our diverse and international community, on 20th May we would have been observing the National Awakening Day of Indonesia. Not a public holiday, but a historic day for the independence of Indonesia.

National Awakening Day is an Indonesian observance annually held on May 20. It commemorates the creation of the first Indonesian nationalist group, Budi Utomo, in 1908.

In 1603, the Dutch East India Company was founded on the Indonesian archipelago. The Company was dissolved in 1800, and its assets were nationalized as the Dutch East Indies, making the Indonesian archipelago a Dutch colony.

The national awakening in the Dutch East Indies began in the early 20th century. The first native political society in the colony was Budi Utomo (“Prime Philosophy”). It was founded on May 20, 1908 by Dr. Wahidin Soedirohoesodo.Indonesia image

Budi Utomo consisted primarily of students, and in October 1908 Soedirohoesodo gave up the leadership in favor of young organizers. In 1910, the society was officially recognized by the colonial authorities. At the time, it numbered about 10,000 members.
The establishment of Budi Utomo is considered the beginning of the Indonesian National Awakening which led to the country's independence. The Day of National Awakening in Indonesia has been celebrated since 1908. Although not a public holiday, it still is a very important commemoration for all Indonesians.

If we'd been in school today the EP Canteen would have been serving up the following Indonesian delights:

  • Soto ayam (Chicken soup) with condiments
  • Ayam penyet ("Squeezed" or "smashed" fried chicken) with white rice and condiments
  • Vegetarian fried noodles with tempeh, spring rolls and garlic broccoli

Perhaps you can try then at home and send us some photographs of your meals to @AliceSmithSch.