Secondary Weekly Highlights: Health Awareness Week

Secondary Weekly Highlights: Health Awareness Week
Community & Charity Secondary Weekly Highlights

One of the absolute joys of being back on campus is in seeing our students lead on a rich and diverse programme of events and celebrations. Recently, our KLASS Meds group planned and led our annual Health Awareness Week. Our KLASSMeds Senior Leader, Ishna, tells us more about the purpose and key features of the week below.

"KLASSMeds prides itself on being a club that welcomes and encourages all those who share a joint interest in the life sciences to broaden their curiosity and knowledge in a supportive group environment. Primarily, KLASSMeds encourages openly talking about health issues and promotes good health and wellbeing. 

In coordination with this, KLASSMeds planned a school-wide health awareness week from the 15th to the 19th of November. Each day featured a different health issue for which themed activities were held to raise awareness. The KLASSMeds leaders considered a range of interactive activities in order to engage students and encourage them to learn about the specific health issues as well as raise their awareness. 

Monday’s theme focused on raising awareness around Diabetes. The activities planned featured infographics on diabetes and the benefits of choosing low sugar diets, the risks and what to look for. On top of that, there were reduced sugar brownies during lunch and the sharing of ideas about low sugar options to encourage students to make healthier choices. 

Breast Cancer activity workshop

Tuesday’s theme featured breast cancer awareness which featured cookie decorating at lunch, which centred around the pink and white colours associated with the breast cancer awareness movement. Whilst students enjoyed this activity, they were able to take note of the key points surrounding breast cancer in order to raise their awareness.

Wednesday’s theme involved promoting COVID awareness, an extremely relevant topic in our community presently and in the near future. Hence, mask decorating sessions were held, where students were able to put a creative spin on their own masks, which provide vital help to protect against the spread of COVID. Encouraging safe habits and adherence to SOPs also helps to raise awareness around the spread of COVID. Our aim here was to discourage complacency and engage students in an activity that will enhance their mask wearing for the good of their own and others’ protection. 

Thursday’s theme centred around the importance of sleep patterns and their impact on physical and mental health. Sleep is incredibly important and something that perhaps is not necessarily cared for as much as it should be when students move further up the school and workload increases. The activity for this day was a relaxation session hosted in the drama room during lunchtime that created a safe and calming environment for students to calm down from the active stresses of the school day. 

KLASS Ice Bucket Challenge

Friday’s theme was 'Movember' which focuses on men's health and also featured a Movember ice bucket quiz, where our brave teachers were the subject of an ice water bucket in accordance with the students’ right or wrong answers relating to men’s health. 

We at KLASSMeds were incredibly excited to see the other students take part in the health week activities planned, and in doing so, we hope that the promotion of good health and wellbeing has been projected around the Alice Smith campus. Our research and understanding in preparing the materials related to each theme is very much what is at the heart of KLASSMeds and even more so being able to share this knowledge and raise awareness amongst our community."

Thank you to Ishna and all members of our KLASSMeds group for an instructive, poignant and fun week, during which awareness was raised around some important health-related issues. Well done!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

Maria Osowiecki

Secondary Principal