Community Action Week at JB

Community Action Week at JB
Community & Charity Primary Weekly Highlights
We look forward to holding our Community Action Week at the Primary Campus next week. 
Students from Preschool to Year 6 will be engaged in meaningful community action projects, some of which are in partnership with charities supported by the Alice Smith School Foundation.
The key questions for the year groups are as follows:
  • Pre-school and Reception - How can we reduce, reuse and recycle our paper waste?
  • Years 1 and 2 - Why are plants important for our environment? How can we work with our community to make a change?
  • Years 3, 4 & 5 - Why are gibbons endangered?  How can we support their conservation?
  • Year 6 - Why are some animals in Malaysia endangered? How can we support their conservation?
Our children in Preschool and Reception will be making paper using waste paper from their classrooms.
Students in Years 1 and 2 will have the opportunity to work with the Free Tree Society (on Wednesday and Friday next week) to plant seeds.  Each child will be encouraged to gift their planter to a member of their community e.g. a neighbour or member of a community group.
Students in Years 3, 4 and 5 will be finding out more about the Gibbon Conservation Society and creating notecard designs featuring gibbons. Proceeds from the sale of the notecards will be donated to the Gibbon Conservation Society.
Students in Year 6 will be finding out about endangered animals in Malaysia. They too will be creating notecard designs. These will feature endangered Malaysian animals and the proceeds from the sale of these will be donated to WWF - Malaysia.
For parents and staff, we will be holding our Community Action Showcase in the Dining Hall on Tuesday from 2pm - 3.40pm, in collaboration with the KLASS PTA. A number of charities and community organisations will be joining us - come by to find out more about the work that they do and how we can potentially get involved.
We look forward to an exciting week!
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