Primary Weekly Highlights: Competition Time at JB!🚩🙌

Primary Weekly Highlights: Competition Time at JB!🚩🙌
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From the 8th March until the 15th March, our Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 students eagerly competed in the Education Perfect World Championships. With the help of KS3 students, they answered 671,940 language questions (the equivalent of 1,016 hours spent competing!) in Mandarin, French, Bahasa, but also Spanish, German, Japanese and other languages. Alice Smith did extremely well and came 10th in the world, out of more than 2,800 schools from all continents. We also came 1st for French in Malaysia, 3rd for Mandarin in Malaysia and 1st overall in Bahasa Malaysia.

Our students had a lot of fun competing, especially our Year 3 students who took part for the first time in this exciting event. We were particularly proud to come top of the FOBISIA scoreboard, out of 29 FOBISIA schools.

A particular well done to the following linguists from each year group:

Year 6

1st: Jasmine (Gold - 4,043 points - third in JB)
2nd: Rayed (Gold - 3,805 points)
3rd: Xiao Lin (Gold - 3,155 points)

Year 5

1st: Kai Ze (Emerald - 5,299 points - top in JB, third in the whole school)
2nd: Clarissa (Gold - 4,407 points - second in JB)
3rd: Yasmin (Gold - 4,005 points)

Year 4

1st: Jake (Bronze - 1,334 points)
2nd: Daniel (Credit - 807 points)
3rd: Austen (Credit - 693 points)

Year 3

1st: Isaac (Bronze - 1,650 points)
2nd: Callum (Bronze - 1,457 points)
3rd: Ding Ding (Bronze - 1,446 points)

Kai Ze, our JB Champion!

Joanna Asse Drouet
Primary Head of MFL

FOBISIA KS2 Online Maths Olympiad

Date: 17 - 18 March 2022
Host: Haileybury Almaty

FOBISIA Mathematics Competition is an annual challenge designed for UKS2 students who show exceptional talent and drive in the subject. This year, the competition has come back after a two year absence in a new, online format. It was organised by Haileybury International School in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on 17-18th March 2022. The competition involved a range of interactive team activities along with an individual challenge. The Alice Smith School was represented by a strong and highly motivated team of Year 6 KLASS Maths Lions: Maryam (6H), Evita (6T), Zhixin (6S), Rayan (6H) and Gabriella (6M).

The first challenge was The Grid Game which covered the topic of Geometry, Number and Problem Solving. The students had to work cooperatively to solve progressively harder mathematical questions. The most exciting challenge was called Maths Football and it consisted of 3 rounds. Each time we played against a team from another school taking part in the competition.

This challenge combined a popular game of football with a timed mathematics quiz! It was by far the more tense and enjoyable part of the whole competition. We learnt that having quick reflexes matters as much as solving complicated maths problems. The last challenge was called The Domino Challenge where the students had to employ their strategic thinking skills as well as risk-taking when working as a team. I was extremely impressed with children’s tenacity when solving a wide range of complex mathematical problems as well as their excellent teamwork spirit.

Please enjoy the children’s personal accounts of their experiences.

Marika Machado
Primary Maths Subject Leader

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