Primary Weekly Highlight: Amazing Art in Year 2

Primary Weekly Highlight: Amazing Art in Year 2
Learning Primary Weekly Highlights Art

Our Year 2 students have been thoroughly enjoying learning within their Art curriculum this year. Our team of Year 2 teachers and teaching assistants have been really impressed with the skills and creativity demonstrated by the students too.

The students learning this term has centred around textiles and collage, challenging them to learn and apply skills and techniques whilst exploring different materials.

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The children’s learning was connected to some renowned artists by examining the work of Katie Vernon, an American artist and illustrator, who uses paint and collage to produce artwork of a rich textural quality. The children also looked at the work of Eric Carle and Matisse.

Working artistically, our children explored concepts such as shape, value, form and space. Some of the technical vocabulary they looked at included reconstruct, manipulate and montage. 

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Students began the unit by learning to apply techniques and methods to a variety of materials to create patterned and colourful effects. Following this, students explored methods of manipulating fabric and yarns by poking, pulling, threading and weaving.

They also combined materials to create colourful and textural effects.

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Finally students, having developed an understanding of the term reconstructed, applied this method to create a balanced collage image. Students across the Year 2 classes created individual pieces of art based on areas of interest, personal choice and passions that arose during the unit. The students' pieces were incredible and the learning process gave them so much opportunity to develop their art skills. The Year 2 team has also observed the students transfer much of their learning within this unit, including methods, techniques and skills, to their learning in the shared classroom. 

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Alan McCarthy

Primary Principal