Primary Weekly Highlights: Our Students

Primary Weekly Highlights: Our Students
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As I reflect upon the first two weeks of this school year, it is our students who are foremost in my mind. Our students have yet again demonstrated incredible levels of resilience and strength in the face of some major challenges. 

They have had to cope with a change of year group including new teachers and classmates while continuing to learn virtually. Speaking with our teachers this week, it is clear that our students have generally amazed us all in how they have adapted and readjusted to these challenges. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed being shared into a number of outstanding student highlights across the last two weeks. Their passion and enthusiasm for learning along with their determination to work hard is genuinely inspiring. 

In particular, I must highlight students who are new to Alice Smith. We have welcomed over 90 new students to JB from over 50 families, some of whom continue to reside outside of Malaysia. Our new students are already beginning to feel part of our community and are successfully engaging with our distance learning programme.

Our staff have played a vital role in supporting our students to settle and feel comfortable in their new year group and will continue to invest in relationship building along with getting to know our students over the coming weeks. 

Our assemblies have provided us all with a feeling of connection and a real sense of belonging. Attendance has been very high and it has been wonderful to also see parents join us. We have focused on the character strengths of curiosity and honesty; reading stories and reflecting upon how these can support us all to continue to grow and strengthen our sense of self.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend. 

Alan McCarthy
Principal - Primary Campus