Preschool Taster for Three Year Olds

Preschool Taster for Three Year Olds
Early Years preschool taster

Is your child ready for school?

We're currently offering a limited number of taster sessions for 3 year olds so they (and you!) can experience a little of what Preschool life at Alice Smith is like.

Held on a Thursday afternoon between 1pm and 2pm in our Preschool environment, your child will get to spend an hour having fun, exploring the learning facilities and experiencing school.

You are invited to stay with them for the first 30 mins and then wait in our parent deli where you can also get a coffee and a snack.

Book your sessions below and our staff will confirm your place soon.


When students are agents in their learning, they are more likely to have “learned how to learn” – an invaluable skill that they can use throughout their lives. 



Why Choose Alice Smith Preschool:

  • Multiple opportunities for your child to achieve agency throughout their experience with us
  • Your child will be shaper rather than feeling they are being shaped
  • We know that the environment is an important learning tool for your child! They will be free to explore multiple indoor and outdoor spaces with open ended resources which promote high levels of wellbeing, involvement and challenge
  • Built on a foundation of knowing every child, our Early Years educators know when and how to question, when to observe, when to support, scaffold or extend and, most importantly, to listen to your child. They get to know you child and therefore are able to facilitate the right next steps.

The formative years are a crucial time for your little one's development, and choosing the right nursery can make all the difference! 

Join our taster sessions and discover how we spark curiosity, inspire creativity, and nurture a love for learning in our little ones. 

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