Primary Weekly Highlights: Student Leadership

Primary Weekly Highlights: Student Leadership
Leadership Primary Weekly Highlights

As part of our citizenship programme, we encourage the development of student leadership throughout the Primary campus. There are many positions that any child, dependent on age, can aspire to. When in school, at class and year group level, we offer a range of roles from Environmental Officers and Buddies to Break/Lunch Monitors. Each class from Year 2 – 6 also vote termly, for their own School Council Representative.

In Year 6, students may apply for the responsibility post of House Leader, Prefect or Helper. Each role enables the students to make a real difference to the daily life at JB both in virtual and face to face school. Each position has a different set of responsibilities and commitments. The students were challenged to apply for the leadership opportunities. We were very impressed by the high quality of applications and pleased that so many of our Y6 students wish to make a difference to the JB community. 

Today, we are proud to introduce our 2021-22 Year 6 Student Leadership teams. This year, we will be delivering a new Y6 Student Leadership training course. We are confident that our newly appointed Y6 Leaders will learn and apply a multitude of new skills that will help them to be successful in their roles and make a difference to our school. As well as this, with so many Y6 Leaders we hope to enhance the student voice at JB. We look forward to seeing what the students achieve during the year ahead.


Congratulations to the following Year 6 students:


Chloe, 6T

Jasmine, 6I

Chloe, 6H

Heidi, 6I

Renn, 6S

Denise, 6H

Xiao Lin, 6I

Kaelyn, 6I

Alec, 6S

Lucas, 6M

Ibrahim, 6I

Gabriella, 6M

Blake, 6S

Aston, 6S

Keagan, 6S

Jazelyn, 6M

Yushan, 6M

Dara, 6M


Annabelle, 6M


Dillon, 6S

Rayed, 6M

Lucas, 6S

David, 6I

Owen, 6T

Asher, 6M

Daniel, 6S

Kyan, 6H


Martha, 6H

Sofia, 6H

Haya, 6I

Ruby, 6T

Sarvini, 6H

Zhixin, 6S

Sounthrya, 6T

Izzy, 6T


Siddhan, 6M

Venetia, 6T

Amber, 6T

House Leaders:





Miles, 6T

Amelie, 6I

Shaye, 6I

Noah, 6I

Ozayr, 6M

Gabriella, 6M

Angus, 6M

Findlay, 6M

Jay, 6M

Felix, 6M

Evan, 6T

Siera, 6T

Daan, 6M

Emma, 6H


Deena, 6H

Carina, 6M

Evita, 6T


Aisha,  6H

Olivia, 6T

Celina, 6H


Maryam, 6H

Isobe, 6M

Emily, 6I


Nuha, 6H



Sarah Shine
Extended Primary Leadership Team: Our Students - Primary Campus