Primary Weekly Highlights: Final Week of Term🥳

Primary Weekly Highlights: Final Week of Term🥳
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Final Week of Term

We have had a week full of joy and cheer this week at JB. Our students have been excitedly coming to the end of various units of learning but also engaging in a range of Christmas activities.

JB Virtual Christmas Performance

On Wednesday evening our JB Music Virtual Christmas Performance took place. There were performances involving students from Early Years to Year 6. Our virtual choir and orchestra performed and this year we had a new ensemble; Handy Voices. Led by Mr. Nicholls, students performed two songs; singing and using sign language. This was amazing to see! Congratulations to all students who participated and a big thank you to our Music Team for coordinating this event. Please go to JB Music Website to see all the performances.


Visit of Santa

Our campus had a wonderful atmosphere yesterday as we celebrated Christmas by dressing up and engaging in a range of Christmas activities. Our younger students even had a visit from Santa Claus himself where he read a story to the children and sang some Christmas songs!



Assembly and Thank You

Today we ended our term with a lovely assembly. We reflected on the amazing learning which took place over the entire term. We spoke about the character strength of gratitude and how we are so grateful to be part of the Alice Smith community. I explained to the students that so many people within our community support us and shared with them how I had thanked our maintenance and domestic teams for doing such a great job in supporting us all this term. 



I would like to thank our entire community for your support. In this second half of the term, our school has felt like a school again. Our parents and staff have been incredible in keeping us all safe and supporting the learning of our students. The strong sense of belonging has returned to our campus and our extraordinary students have been so happy as they have reconnected with one another.


Have a wonderful and safe holiday everyone.

Alan McCarthy
Principal - Primary Campus

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