Six ways to help your child develop early maths skills

Six ways to help your child develop early maths skills
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At Alice Smith we know how important developing early skills are. Here's six ways you can help your preschooler to develop early maths skills and build important foundations for later number work:
  1. Counting: Understanding numbers will help children in all areas of maths. When children hear adults counting, using numbers and talking about quantity it develops their understanding of the concept of number. Count steps, cups on the table, number of blue cars in the car park, how many seconds under the bridge etc.
  2. SJP_2776-2Sorting and Matching: Children begin to sort, match and classify by organising their understanding of language, people and objects in their environment. Have them help put the cutlery away, sort washing or group food in the cupboards.
  3. Noticing Patterns: Making and recognising patterns will help children to make mathematical predictions, building important foundations for later number work. Creating, extending, naming, and talking about patterns help build strong mathematicians. Talk about jewelery, art, fences, clothes etc.
  4. Measuring: Measuring will help children to understand the concepts of size, height, length, weight and time. Cooking and making potions is an excellent use of authentic measuring.
  5. Recognising Shapes: Understanding shape is a tool for learning many skills in all curriculum areas, particularly maths. By learning the similarities and differences between shapes, children are developing skills needed to recognize the differences between letters and numerals. Add foam letters in the bath or magnets on the fridge.
  6. Exploring: Exploring their environment will help children to understand spatial terms like: in front, behind, above, below, left and right. Try playing hide and seek or treasure seeking games together.

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