Primary Weekly Highlights: Our Students Return!

Primary Weekly Highlights: Our Students Return!
Learning Early Years Primary Weekly Highlights

Yesterday was a special day. Our students across the kindergarten years returned and brought our campus back to life. Classrooms were full of happy and joyful children who embraced being back at school and brought smiles to everyone at JB.

I was so impressed with how instantly comfortable and settled our children were as they separated from their parents and strolled into class. 

As I visited classrooms throughout the day, students amazed me by explaining how happy they were to be back and how excited they were to be in a new class. 

Our staff have been extraordinary in preparing for this reopening. They have maintained our high quality online learning experience for students whilst also preparing our campus and classrooms to ensure our learning spaces are inviting and welcoming. All our staff including our teachers, teaching assistants and non teaching staff have worked incredibly hard to create a safe place for our students.


The Alice Smith sense of belonging was felt by everyone as we reconnected with our students and also met our parents during arrival and dismissal. Once again it reminded me of how deeply committed our staff are to our wonderful children and how grateful I am to be part of this amazing Alice Smith community.


We are continuing to lobby strongly for the return of the remainder of our students and we hope this will be soon.

Alan McCarthy
Principal - Primary Campus