Primary Weekly Highlights: Launch of New and Exciting Units of Learning 📖

Primary Weekly Highlights: Launch of New and Exciting Units of Learning 📖
Learning Primary Weekly Highlights

Recently the students have begun some new learning units at JB. This is always an exciting time for students as they discover what they will learn about through the steps of learning within their unit and the end goal.

Year 5 teachers have launched a brilliant unit focused on learning all about the Aztec Civilisation. The students had to develop their teamwork skills on beginning the unit and successfully work out how to get out of an online escape room. Students have already begun building a website within google sites; using this to demonstrate how much knowledge they have gained thus far. They will be developing an understanding of who the Aztecs were, how they lived and how they affected the period in which they lived. The students are thoroughly enjoying this unit.

In Year 6, The Highwayman unit has begun whereby students will be exploring the ballad poem, The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. This unit will challenge students to learn across a diverse range of disciplines including art, drama and poetry performance.

Year 4 has started the unit ‘Adventure Awaits’. This unit focuses on developing knowledge and skills within geography and writing. Learning will centre around areas such as the different types of rock which exist, maps including hemispheres and compass points as well as a number of English skills to support students in their completion of the end goal; the writing of a persuasive travel brochure. 

We have a number of other fantastic units taking place including Year 2’s ‘The World We Live In.  The launch of new units is always a time of great excitement across the school and we are all so happy that many of our students will now begin to learn at school in the coming weeks.

Alan McCarthy
Principal - Primary Campus
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