Secondary Weekly Highlights: KLASS Competes in Style and with Kindness!😎🎁

Secondary Weekly Highlights: KLASS Competes in Style and with Kindness!😎🎁

This week, Phil Welch (Head of Faculty for Maths and Computer Science) and Val Quaye (Teacher of Computer Science) share with you two great events that our EP students have been involved in recently. Join us in celebrating their achievements by finding out more about the 2021 FOBISIA Maths Competition and the Kode for Kindness Computer Science Coding Competition below.  

We are so proud that over 50 of our Year 7-9 students took part in the 2021 FOBISIA Maths Competition hosted by the Foreign British School in Seoul. The theme was how Maths has helped technology to evolve - what could be more appropriate in a time whereby the global pandemic has made us more grateful for technological innovation than ever before? Students competed in individual rounds, a team round and also a video challenge. Our students performed incredibly well, with our Year 8 team taking 2nd place in the team round. What is more, many of our students attained silver and bronze awards in this very challenging contest, with Daryl achieving a gold award with one of the highest scores of all students! As always, our students amaze us with their tenacity, resilience and hard work…as well as mathematical prowess. Well done everyone!

In June 2021, our Year 13 students, Annushka and Andrea decided that they wanted to arrange a coding and fundraising event to support Kechara Soup Kitchen. The reason that they chose this charity was because they wanted to support the urban poor who had been negatively affected by the pandemic.

After months of planning, the 24 hour Kode for Kindness coding competition took place on 15th October 2021. The event was attended by several students from Alice Smith and Garden International School. The students who entered had to complete a range of complex coding challenges within the 24 hour time period. The event raised MYR 440 and this money will be used to support Kechara Soup Kitchen.


From organising and hosting this event student leaders have learnt how to organise a large event, manage the logistics of online platforms to host the competition and how to inspire young people to get involved to support a local community. If you want to find out more about the upcoming coding events follow this link.


Wishing you a wonderful weekend, 

Maria Osowiecki
Secondary Principal

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