The HandleBards visit!

The HandleBards visit!

Last Wednesday 1st March, EP welcomed UK theatre company, The HandleBards for a brilliant performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The famous play is studied by our IGCSE English Literature students so all KS4 students were lucky enough to enjoy the energetic, imaginative and hilarious interpretation of Shakespeare’s classic. They were joined by the A Level Drama and Theatre class and students from a number of other KL schools including Nexus, Garden, Charterhouse, Sri KDU and King Henry VIII. 


The staging featured minimal props and set, and each actor played at least three different roles using costume and physicality to bring each character to life. There was singing, dancing and breaking the fourth wall, all while staying true to Shakespeare's plot and script. At the end of the high-energy performance, there was an opportunity for a Q&A where students asked thoughtful questions about the creative process of bringing Shakespeare to life in the modern day. 

Jessie in Year 11 said,

"Romeo and Juliet performed by the Handlebards was a delight to watch! The innovative approach to such a tragic play by incorporating humorous and modern elements brought so much laughter to the audience during the performance. What fascinated me the most was the fact that the entire play consisting of so many characters with varying personalities were performed by only three cast members - the quality of acting was nevertheless fantastic!

You can see more photos of the visit on our Flickr page