5 Great Reasons to Use the School Bus

5 Great Reasons to Ride the Bus | Alice Smith School

Location is always a consideration when choosing a school for your child. Many parents will start looking at those schools close to where they live or work but most schools have a bus service. A good school bus service lets you widen your choice to pick the school that you really want your child to attend as well as lots of other benefits.

Below we explore five reasons why taking the bus to school is beneficial for your child.

1. It’s convenient and less stressful for you

You don’t have to make the extra drive in the traffic to school and you know your child will get there on time.

Some buses, such as the one at the Alice Smith School, even have a built-in GPS, so you have the ability to see when they’ve arrived at school safely and when you need to go out and pick them up.  

2. It teaches your child independence

Through taking the bus to school, your children will learn to take care of their personal items and how to properly manage their time.

3. Taking the school bus is safe

As mentioned above, all the Alice Smith buses have GPS tracking, but they also have seat belts.

There’s an app so you can track when the bus is coming and when it’s arrived at school so there’s no need to worry about your child arriving safely.

At the Alice Smith’s Primary School, buses have an Alice Smith Teaching Assistant on each one to make sure the students are safe and cared for.

4. It’s greener and benefits the community

There’s less traffic and less pollution for everyone.

picture of students getting on the bus at Alice Smith School

5. It’s sociable!

Just think of all the ‘bus’ friends your child will make with other students that live in your area and often in other year groups.

Alice Smith buses will also let your child's ‘playdate’ ride home with them so there’s no need to worry about your child missing out on those either!

Many parents are concerned about their child taking the school bus but it has lots of benefits.

Taking the bus relieves the stress of getting to school and then to the office on time, it helps your child develop their independence and it’s also better for the environment.

At Alice Smith, we have a number of school buses that provide transport to our Primary and Secondary Campuses making it easy to travel to school each day.

Don’t let location be a challenge to choosing the best school for your child and look at the school bus services available

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